Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comeback =D

Time flies and I'm done with my 2nd year of law exams.How did it go? Not so well for me.I can only blame myself.So,there's nothing much to talk about it really cause deep down in me I know what I should have done,could have done.There's no turning back and I am going to just prepare myself for the worst that may come.I think no one can have a more higher expectation of me than myself.The others around me plays a factor to.But at the end of the other,it all comes to yourself.

That aside,the long awaited holidays are finally here! It's like a new found freedom for the past month before exam,I routine was attend class,go back home,study and stone,eat,sleep.That's all.I have been getting very minimal sleep for myself.Face is a disaster,body fat has increased.Time to change that during these coming months.I have been dying to go shopping,but realised that the sale season is not really on yet.Feel like going on a trip,just going somewhere.But then realised that i first need to figure out who to go with,where to go,and most importantly how to get there and go about.I shall for now,rot myself at home by doing housework,finally read the story books that I bought months ago and watch dramas! tons of them.

Am currently loving florence + the machine.Shake it out (her performance in british x-factor is just so amazing).Ahhhh.the just love.Anticipating big bang's new songs! Cant wait for 2ne1 also!!! I hope I can make it to BB's concert in Malaysia.I think everyone around me knows how much I have been saying that it will be a dream come true to see all 5 of them live and I can die a truly happy person after that.I am praying that there's no obstacle of clash of events that prevent me from seeing them.(shall not say them here specifically for I dont want to jinx it.)

I have some projects up in my mind but I shall not list them down here too cause I dont know if I can finish them or carry it out.Shall post pics of it or something if I manage to finish them ! :D

I miss my friends a LOT.Especially those dekat luar Malaysia tu.Since they are not coming back this year/have yet to come back.*cries* Ooh and also,more of my friends are leaving to UK this year.Booooo.It feels that everyone is leaving already.Time to find myself a bf.muhaahahahahahahaaha.I'm just kidding.

I weirdly like being alone at times.Doing my own things.Having the time and space to think things out.etc.etc.

ok.I'm rambling too much here.Happy holidays people.Decided I shall not think anything more about exams until the night before my results are out.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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