Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thought of writing something here before I head to bed.It's boring Sunday today.There I was just kinda boasting that I am currently enjoying my holiday,bla,bla,bla. And here I am now saying it's boring. =(( I dont know,I guess it may be due to me just staying at home not really doing anything that made me bored I guess.

Gonna be heading to KL this wed with sis cause I need to literally become her maid by helping her to punggah her stuffs back to her house and help her clean her house.=.= and what do I do after when I'm done? Go back home.*heavy sigh* Was thinking of asking some friends out at first,but I'm not sure what time will I be done with all those household chores that I think I rather not call them out.If I finish early I guess I'll just head to Sentral or Midvalle to treat myself some nice food and maybe do some shopping alone I guess.*sigh again* Oh well,since I have nothing to do and I guess in a way I get to go out,so.I shall not moan about it so much here.Shall take it as another form of exercise and lose some fats.hahahahaa.

Can't believe I'm addicted to this anime called Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.Was just randomly watching 1/2 episodes of it on astro the other day and it was nice that I am currently watching it online.Hahahaaha.It's been a long time since I watched anime.I think I stopped watching it last 2 years or so? I usually just re0watch the ones I like such as ouran or honey and  clover.

Am currently also catching up with my korean dramas.Just that I get a little bit bored because most of the drama these days involve the theme of time traveling.Not that it's not nice but to watch one drama after another with the same theme is a lil' bit boring at times.So,I'm currently watching 2 drama at once -Ghost ( which does not involve time traveling and is rather interesting I feel) and Queen In Hyun's man.I just remembered I have yet to watch King2Hearts.I guess that would have to wait a bit.And also Big,and Kim Sun Ah's new drama called I Do,I Do i think.Yes.that's a lot of drama right there.But I think they should be nice watching.=p

p/s: Grrr.I'm craving to eat some burgers or something.I dont know why =(((

-with lots of love and hunger-ness currently,peace out-

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