Thursday, June 28, 2012

On my mind.

Over the years,I have made a lot of friends.My friend asked my this question the other day : '' Do you realise that as you grow older,Somehow your circle of friends gets smaller?'' I did a quick calculation and memory refreshing in my mind and I said '' Yea.It does.'' And somehow,I don't feel left out or an anti-person people or see anything bad in this.

When I think of my circle of friends,I feel thankful of having to meet and get to know them at various points in my life.I would often wonder from time to time,what would my life be like if I hadn't met them.Like for example,I chose a different route in life,would I still by chance be able to get to know them?

I believe every person have different shades of personality within them ( not fake ones) and hence resulting in   meeting and having different group of friends.Each of my friends are completely different from the other.and also from me.But we just clicked somehow.hahahaha.

Having a number of besties who is furthering their studies aboard,I realised that at times,I haven't been in contact with them for some time,but that in no way does not mean I have disregarded the friendship.This got me thinking when I met up with my friend whom I have grown close by us attending tuition classes from Form 1-5.We are not in contact most of them time (like literally for months) and dont even at times meet up annually.But the amazing thing is that the other day when I met up with her,the time where we dont keep in contact with each other,etc does not reflect on our friendship.It was just like old times and that we could talk and all like old times.And this too apply to my other friends.And for that at then end of the day I am just so thankful that our friendship are strong enough to not just disappear by reason of time (not keep in contact frequently,etc).

I don't mean that everything remains exactly the same.Environment factors,the new friends made,experiences and maturity all comes to play of course.And by that if a friendship still remains intact.That is just pure awesomeness and I dont know about you,but truly treasure and am very very much thankful for it.It's not always easy to find the right person who can truly click with you .Who are willing to be your go-to person.

By experiences,watching shows,reading books,I realise that we sometimes are going through life in such a rapid pace that we forget to just stop and savour the tiny little happy things in life.It doesnt need to be a big upscale event for you to snap a picture,appreciate it with your mind and to safely keep it in your brain.Simple gestures that does not seem to be a big deal at times,means a lot to me.

I have learnt that at times,rather than just focusing on the succssful-ness of a main event,it's the thought that have been put into making it a success and all the effort that has been put in is what that truly matters.Say,you want to throw a surprise birthday party that did not turn out to be how you want to be or give someone a present or anything that does not turn out what you expect or thought it would be.Rather than be disappointed or sad, Stop.Think of the effort and thoughts put into it to make it happen.Just having someone to even think or doing/making something special (for me),i feel very grateful that they took the time and energy for it.

In short I just wanna say I HAVE AWESOME FRIENDS and you know I love all of you right? hahahaha. ^3^

On another note:

I find it amazing how one issue can have so many answers to it at times.Also,how sometimes,an issue might not come across you mind as being something big or serious is one to another individual.

This maybe due to the way on how you look at things in life-negatively-positively-neutrally? And I feel that the level of maturity and the things/experience you go through life helps to shape/form one's opinion on various issues.

This may be a well-established fact that all of you may already know and might be thinking,do I really need to spell it out ?!?! Hahahaha.I just find it interesting you know,how at times,you see/feel that certain things are so utterly wrong/immoral or whatsoever and another individual just comes up to you and say Nope.I beg to differ.It should be this/that.

I dont see anything wrong with that as there's always two sides to a coin.I just find this interesting as I was taken by surprise by my mum where I was discussing/casually talking about something the other day.Hah ! And all of these are just to long to be tweeted about.And I feel a need to express my amazement/amusement about this.hahahahaha.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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