Thursday, February 23, 2012

How's everyone's life lately? Mine's pretty much the same other than the fact of some stuff cropping up here and there(out of the unusual/unexpected) and of course,my ever growing discovery of new songs.current addiction are : Cassie-King Of Hearts,Chris Brown-Turn up the music,snow patrol-called out in the dark and Big Bang..Am patiently waiting for their new album.Feb 29th baby.hahaahahhaa

Sometimes when I have nothing to do,or like am inspired by the movies/stuffs that I read.I tend to think about stuffs concerning/affecting my daily life...For one,I sometimes feel like single is the way to go.Not that I don't want a bf,just that,sometimes it's just better to not have one.There are of course pros and cons to it lah.But I can't help feeling scared hearing my friend's relationship problems at times.I tend to prefer a less dramatic life lately,and hence the coming to these kind of thoughts.hahahaha...

Also,I have come to realise lately that I dont know what is the exact reason for people behaving like this,but I am of the view that self-pity is a very bad thing.Don't take me wrongly,I do have moments of self  pity also,it's just that,I sometimes feel that you go around feeling sad and sorry for yourself,it doesn't actually make things better.Why not choose to be happy instead,or improve on the stuff that makes you feel down,like find a solution or something.I don't mean that you can't totally be sad and emo when you are,( look at the emo posts that I have here..booo) just that,dont do it for too long? Maybe it's due to my impatient personality or something,or that I hate seeing myself being like that and so, I dont really get the idea of self-pity.

I think I realised that self-pity is if I may put it bluntly,a stupid thing sometimes,when I realised a few years back that '' Honey,the world does not revolve around you,so whatever you do,have the strength to look and move forward''.Everyone's selfish to a certain extent,and so,at times,some just couldn't care less about you.

Maybe cause of this some people do it just to seek attention,some just can't help themselves,some just do it without realising it.I think there was one day where I was thinking to myself,urghh,it's just so hard and tiring travelling like that,etc,etc,etc..And then another voice or it's just my logic/rational side talking to me saying  why am I pitying myself,instead of just moping around,why not look at things at the brighter side,when the going gets tough,you should at least try to be tougher..take it as a challenge,a way to arrange your time and all.And so,hence,I try to not self-pity myself too much..and maybe a lack of sympathy for those who do so.( I know I'm mean)..I also feel it takes my energy.mood away..And I dont feel it's worth of my energy to make myself feel like this.Better channel the energy to become a nerd or something more beneficial.hahahaha

Oh course,doing it once in a while is ok,but doing it for a long period of time or all the time,it annoys me lah.I would think,come on,you're not that weak of a person,why make yourself so right? Oh well,these are only my personal thoughts and it's understandable that not everyone agree on all,feel free to disagree.criticize,etc. Just a current random thought that got me thinking lately=.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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