Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! For those lovers out there,it's an extra special day to celebrate love I guess? hahaha.For me ,it's really just another day.No feeling of bitterness or whatsoever this year.(i use to feel a little last time).Gosh,I'm such a grown up now.=/ It's a good thing I guess.hahaha. Was hoping to witness maybe some interesting things,but did not at all.Was a bit disappointed.

Received a call from the King of Gold Bells at night,and again,I was in blur mood cause I was still sleeping (my evening nap) So,so,so sorry man.*cries* The weather is so,so,so hot these days that it's killing me.My love for black  coloured clothing is wavering thanks to the weather.

Nothing much lately.Am trying out Shiseido skincare stuff and it's not bad.Am most probably gonna some of their stuff soon.The sales person recommended me a couple of extra thing.What puzzles me is that she reccomends like two types of stuff in the same category for example,two different type of toner.I feel weird cos I was thinking is there a need to use of different product of the same thing,you get what I mean? That made me think,is she selling me,in a way to get more sales? Hmmm..Need to ask me friends some opinion about this I guess or shall just google it to get some reviews,etc.hehehe.

College is busy and stressful as usual.Arghhhh,I can do this! I must! While I was cleaning up my room for CNY,my mind started compiling a list of things/projects that I wanna do for my holiday after my exams.:DDD A couple of things I have never done before and I hope I have the patience and endurance to complete it,(being the person that I am,I really hope I do).Shall not list it down here first for I don't wanna jinx it.=)

Can't wait for Big Bang's comeback!! Am getting excited about it.It feels like it's been such a long wait after what had happen to them the past year.

That's more of less the summary of what's been happening these past few days/week I guess.Off to read some blogs,revise a bit and sleep.

=with lots of love,peace out-

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