Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lalala.I'm so efficient that I updated 2 blog post yesterday.It's an easy one as it's just uploading pictures.Hahahahaa.This happens I'm lazy and feels that the pictures that I took can more or less do all the talking.*wink*

How's life for everyone lately? Me? Still pretty much the same.Thoughts of the exam is just around the corner comes to my mind every single day and me trying to not face reality.Such a energy and mind consuming thing to do*sighs* Decided to not go to Land class today as the cycle of that time of the month just started and I feel lazy.(this kinda explains the weird mood swings I've been having before that)Then woke up to messages informing me that there's a change of lecturer today for Trust as Ms.Puvan's uncle passed away.My condolences to Ms.Puvan's family.

And hence,decided to not go to class all together.Shall paint my nails,watch a movie,read up some blogs and drool over nice photos of clothes/bags/shoes/nail polish/accessories and revise at home instead.See I have the whole day planned out already.Hahahaha.

Chinese New Year is also just around the corner and guess what I have 0,yes ZERO tops.Only bought 3 leggings/tights from Topshop so far.Haih...and I also feel like getting myself a new pair a sneakers.But,I am not rich.And hence,when I am not in a sort of a financial crisis now only I shall get myself one.Fear of the shoes that I want will be gone,is acceptable by me already.For I got a feeling that the shoe that I've longed for would most probably cost a bomb anyway which leads to me not being 'sampai hati' to spend my money on it.But I 'sanggup' spend it on concerts.I know.I know.and I don't know why.Urgh..

Missing my friend Ms.Sweetlah.She menghilang again.*heavy sigh* And I have yet to hang out with Phui Gi.I feel so bad at times,cos I'm kinda busy with college and didnt get the chance to hang out with her from the moment she came back.Many apologies.Shall find a time to do so as soon as possible.

A couple of stuffs has got me thinking also lately.But shall post them up in seperate posts,as their more to what you may call emo-self-contradicting thoughts I guess.

Am addicted to songs that just make me feel happy or somewhere along that line of feeling lately.which equals to a number of pop songs.hahaha.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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