Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Am killing me brain cells at this hour.hardworking? not really.That's because I took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon.The after effects of attending Trust class leaves you exhausted or emo or hungry.Was thinking of eating something to fill my tummy before I took the train today and thought of eating ice cream from McD.But I just ate some yesterday and I feel it's fat and hence decided to opt for a healthier option and so bought some fruits.Thank god i ate em' because the train that I got into today does not have air cond.At 1.30 pm in the afternoon!! 

As a result yesterday's train delay,decided to wear shorts today,which I am so thankful that I did.Once the train stop in Serdang I got my butt of the coach I was in and went to another coach.Thank god it has air cond in them.If not,I would have fainted for real.It was just so stuffy.Urghhh...

I'm on break time now and so decided to blog for fun...I think I may have found the perfect white shirt from Uniqlo.and I also spotted a nice shirt dress.Am very tempted to buy em..White shirt cost about rm.79.90.Shirt dress price? could not bring myself to find out..Arghhh.I'm worried if I keep spending I'll go broke soon.Even angpau money would not be enough to cover it.*sigh* Shall berjimat cermat this few weeks first.Less eating nice stuff and all.Invest em in clothes.muhahahahahaa.

AND AND AND,just discovered that Big Bang's come back is in FEBRUARY!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! More songs to put in my ipod and be a happy person.Be warned that when their album is released I'll more or less spam twitter and fb.*evil laughs* OK..back to work for now.
p/s: ice kacang/easyway would be perfect in this weather.=D

-with lots of love,peace out-

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