Thursday, January 26, 2012


I think I once wrote here,somewhere in my blog that people generally do not change easily.But I have come to realise that we as time passes by,we do however tend to change our perception on life and things.Mostly through experience and the way we adapt to new surrounding.

The now me don't really have a problem with eating/shopping alone.Yes.It is sad and super lonely at times,especially shopping.I have gotten used to it somehow.Eating alone used to be a big issue for me.Being super self conscious of myself,I hate eating alone or people looking at me when I eat( I still do today on people looking at me).But now,as I've realised lately,that I don't really care.It's nice at times.You get to people watch and be amused at stuff that you,yourself get it.I only tend to not have trouble shopping alone if I have already set goals on what I want to buy.Not clothes though,cos I tend to need opinion on it.hahahaa.

The now me don't long for a boyfriend and dread being single like I used to last time.Not totally 100% lah but not as bad as last time.Am of the opinion now that being single is actually a good thing at times.There's less drama in your life,as in you have a bit more freedom to a certain extent.Of course from time to time I wish I had a bf,(times where the whole world around me,people seem to be hooking up except me,times when I feel I need some companion everyone seems busy with their lives,etc,etc)but for now: ''No boyfriend,not a problem'' =D

The now me likes things to be spontaneous up to a certain extent.I like to plan stuff a bit beforehand.Especially like meeting ups or birthday stuffs or just some events.The now me realised that sometimes being the bad person is better than being the nice person all the time.The now me am not that naive in just simply believing some crap that is being said to me.

The now me keeps reminding myself not to fall for fantasy stuff,i.e. being realistic and facing the fact that some things are just suppose to work that way.The now me have learnt how to keep her mouth shut at times,and that ignorance is truly a bliss at certain times.The now me tries not to be super judgemental and try to practice what I preach(as in the stuffs that I always annoys me) The now me prefers to be low profile and try not to be a show off or arrogant.

The now me am very thankful of the people I get to know so far.Good or bad,in a way they help me become stronger.The now me have gotten tired of at times trying to be someone I am not just to impress a person.I don't see the point in doing it at times,but in the world full of fake people and people who takes people at the face value/at first instance,one can't help but be fake at times.

The now me appreciates the little things in life that is easily forgotten and tries not to regret on these things when its too late to turn back time.This results in me now trying to live a life of what I think is the right way.Living it for myself to a certain extend for I realised that my actions in a way always affects those who love and care about me.

The now me tries to me a (wo)man of her words for action speaks louder than words.The now me tries not to be over dramatic.The now me can take criticisms better and try not to take myself too seriously.The now me tries not to be overly sensitive and hence,be more open and positive.

p/s: At times I ask myself,what are my flaws? Am I a two-faced person,am I fake? Am I materialistic? What kind of person do you think I am? The negative traits of me.Feel free to tell me,for I am curious of your opinion of me,and don't be worried that I can't accept it for I seriously value constructive  criticisms.. =)

note:title of the post is taken from dillon francis' song.(currently loving the song)google the meaning if you're curious for what it means.An early apology for the level of profanity used.=p
-with lots of love and curiosity, peace out-

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