Friday, August 5, 2011

Ramblings about daily routine?

It's August now.Gosh,time surely flies at the speed of light =( August,1 more month till I say goodbye to my 2 besties.Gahhhhh,I dont wanna see them go.If they are going to another state which is still in Malaysia,at least we're still at the same country.But this,they're going to UK.Hate farewells.There ain't nothing nice about it at all.But,I can be selfish and just want them here right? Hmm,maybe they don't even want we to want them.hahahaa.joking.joking.

Ahh,August,come the 18th,it'll be the day where I'll be getting my results.Don't know what to expect nor feel.Best to be neutral.Oh,no,I need to expect that I'll pass and not fail.It will be such a MAJOR embarassement if I do so.*fingers crossed* Ooh oh,that day is also the birthday of the one and only,Kwon Ji Young(G.Dragon) which I also dengan tidak malunya dan bermuka-tebalnya take him as my husband.Muahahahahahahaa.Just found out that he shaved his head bald today.Shocking but still HOT! Yes,I'm that biased.

Life's peaceful lately.To put it in another word,boring (?) Doing housework,watching dramas/movies,hearing/discovering new songs,going crazy with over hot guys and stuff,checking my mails/fb/twitter countless times,reading blogs,story books,eating,sleeping,and going to jogging is practically my day to day routine.And I actually don't jog.I dont have the stamina to do so,I walk like 10 laps a day around a lake garden near my house,while doing so,watching in wonder people trying to fish at the lake,as I'm not that convinced that there are any fishes worthy to be caught and also marveling at old uncle and auntie(like really old) being able to jog while,me,being young,don't have the stamina to do so.It is a bit embarassing,but,oh well,let's just leave it there.

Can't say that I find it totally boring.I actually enjoy it.(i know,i'm such a boring person,etc,etc,etc) But,as I know that I wont be having much time doing all these when college starts and all,I''m treasuring these moments.Weekends are the days that I look forward too because that means that I get to meet up with my friends or just being able to hang out with my sis and stuff.
*Warning:paragraph below is about the songs(mainly k-pop) and drama i'm obsessing.Please skip it by all means if you're not interested.*

Am currently loving songs from:2ne1-Hate You,After School Red-In the night,Teen Top-Dont spray perfume(the lyrics are funny,but an addictive song) & First Kiss,Super Junior-Superman (its hotness,not officially released yet i think) and also Mr.Simple,but the slow version that they release for their teaser.I suspect that that maybe in their repackage album or something.Also loving their songs called My love,my kiss,my heart.Lil Jon ft 30h3 is nice too.And also Kim Bo Kyung-Suddenly.Omg.I am totally addicted to it.It's just so nice.All thanks to City Hunter.Am so loving this drama. :D Snow Patrol's and Adele's songs is love.Miss A and 2pm's album,and also songs from John Debney for the movie No Strings Attached is awesome too.Ok.I think I discovered too many songs in a short amount of time.hahahaha.

I'm waiting for several movies to be out.Friends with Benefits looks nice.And also The Smurf :DDDD I want to watch this movie called Stupid Crazy Love too.but am not sure whether they are even showing it in Malaysia.Hopefully they dolah.I watched the trailer (in youtube,go search it if you're curious) and I died of laughter.It's just so funny.

Emmm,I guess that's it for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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