Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leggo =)

Hello.Hello.I'm on cloud 9 now..As many would have know, I have been a human with a mixture of nervousness and stress for the past 48,August the 18th is the day where i get my result.Was contemplating at first to go to college to take it or to check online.Finally decided to check it online and thankfully I did.Would like to start of by thanking everyone who was wishing me luck and reassuring me and all.Appreciate it a LOT.You know i love you guys lots.=DDDDDDDD

The reason to it is because,on the night before Result Day,I slept at 4am,just to make myself so tired that I dont have to think of anything.Woke up around 9.45 am and headed straight for the laptop which is just beside me.Nothing in my email.Waited.waited.waited.Checked fb and twitter and email a million zillion times.Nothing.Then I got to know that THE RESULTS WILL ONLY BE OUT AT 7PM!!!!! First thing I did when I knew is to literally cry out loud.(no one was at home,so,there was no fear of people thinking that I am crazy). And you can perhaps see me vent my anger/stress/frustration/craziness in various social communication websites.

And so,with 6 hours to kill,I watch dramas,check on fb and twitter countless times for some unexplainable reason.Waited till I was feeling about 6,went to exercise downstairs and all,then the feeling where my hati go berdebar-debar came back.At 7pm.Still nothing.Then,See Wei came and ask me to go fb..While freaking out and screaming a bit,saw the link to check my result.And bam.was praying/muttering/freaking out all at the same time when i was keying in my candidate number and all.

And right before my eyes,I saw it,the first thing was to check to see,if the result was really mine,then I saw the subject code,to which i totally have no memory for what code stands for what sub,but then i saw 4 repetitive words: PASS~PASS~PASS~PASS. And i screamed.And a huge load of burden was just off me.And raced downstairs to tell my parents,then race back upstairs to tell my friends and basically the whole world.Hahaahhaaha.They actually didnt put any grades to it.Just marks.Got 53 for Criminal,51 for Public,48 for CLR (memang memalukan) and 61 for Contract( did not expect this)

  To be honest,I'm not satisfied with the marks I got.Cos,I know that I can do better.But,thinking back on how i study last year,i'm happy with my results.And I'm so gonna kick ass next year.( I know I say this every year after getting my exam result) but I don't care.I need to and I want to.People,if you feel that I'm slacking off,please just go stress me up to the max ya.thank you.

p/s:my apologies if you feel I over exaggerate/am like a drama queen on how i was acting/going true for the past 48hrs.I guess i just it.=p

p.p/s:do you guys know what does leggo mean? it's not the toys leggo,it has another meaning to it.For those who knows the meaning without googling it at first instance,then salute.cos i didnt know this meaning at first until i google it.Leggo is a urban/hip hop slang for let's go.

Result day aside,finished watching City Hunter,love the drama,dislike the ending(it's a bit cacated).And I finished Baby-faced Beauty and also Lie to Me and also Secret Garden(cried watching this.been a long time since I do so.) Ooh,and today is the birthday of the one and only Mr.Kwon Jiyong.-satu celebriti yang saya sangat teramat suka.hahahahaha.=DD

Overall,today is a good happy day with a little bit of sad&surprising news.Shall end this post with  pics of Mr.Kwon =D enjoy:

-with lots of love,peace out-

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