Friday, December 31, 2010

A year's a year where i was happy that i did well in my AS but not happy with my alevels overall results.A year where i became a law student officially. A year where i sang k for the first time,and loving it.A year where i played bowling,and is bad at it. XD .A year where i went to Super Junior, MTV Worldstage and Adam Lambert's concert.hahaha.And also got to meet Lee Hom,Lee Chong Wei,Koo Kien Tat,Tan Boon Heong and Rashid Sidek in person XD.A year where i went to Jb and work and had a fun experience.

A year where my bestie left me and went to Scotland to study.=( A year where i went to Singapore for the first time and had fun.A year where i had a car accident for the first time.and it was truly scary.A year where there were many random moments.A year where a lot of drama happened.A year where my heart cracked (not break) a little but it has been patched already =) A year where there were a number of awesome movie.And of a year that all my favourite korean singers made their comeback and it was PURE HOTNESS.A year where i also discovered a number of awesome choreographers and dancers.and also a whole lot of awesome songs.A year that also has a whole lot of nice drama (korean and american) to watch.A year that i had the best birthday ever.But also a year where i lost my grandmother.

A year where i got myself a twitter account and absolutely loving tweeting now.a year where it is truly is amazing.A number of regrets and sadness here and there,but overall,it is AWESOME.
till then,with lots of love and a happy new year,peace out -

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