Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holidays are officially on.=DDD Went out with mei v today...been a long time since we just go out like that..was fun..Both are us are craving for korean food and plan to go satisfy our craving soon.heh heh heh...It's tong yuen festival today,ate some made by grandma and sushi for dinner.Still think that shops in K.L ones are better..Year 2010 is coming to an fast.What plans do i have for the hols?? the usual,staying at home,laze around,study and clean up the house,and of course,go out shopping and stuff.

G.D &TOP's album's coming out on the shall see me go crazy that day.muahahaha(you have been warned) best christmas gift ever!! and next year,best new year/valentine's gift?? Big Bang's new album...*screams* Currently watching we got married(season 1&2) and also 2ne1tv (i just love the show and the people in it) and also Sungkwungkwan Scandal..Ahh,Yoo Ah In is just HOTNESS...such manliness and cuteness.XD have been watching a lot of cooking shows lately also.which makes me crave for a lot of delicious food also..Been watching Masterchef U.S and Top Chef..And there's this one contestant in Top Chef ,Sam who just oozes with cool charisma and manliness that you just can't help falling for him..he is seriously cool and manly..Like never have i met a guy which is this cool.serious..current addictions are G.D.Top ft.park bom-oh yeah and high high..Florence and the machine-dog days are over,f(x)-mr.boogie, Breathe Carolina-The dressing room,Tvxq-athena and Jang Jae In-please.Her voice is very unique in the korean music industry in my opinion...a very rare voice.A summary of year 2010 is on the way..A lot have happened this year.need to read back some posts here,due to some short term memory loss here and there..hehehehehehe..

p/s: i'm so lazy to revise my studies and do my homework...urghhhh...can't they just let us have a holiday to rejuvenate..ishhh
-till then,with lot's of love,peace out-

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