Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello 2011 people..we have survive a decade into Y2K.Classes started as usual..A few days before class started were kinda of a torture to me..But,i admit i sendiri cari pasal..Doing homework,a few days before college starts is depressing.=( i dont enjoy doing them although i know its good for me..Nothing much happen as its only the first week to a new year..received souvenirs from the quin and the king of gold bell.hahahahahah..thank you for it.=D

went present hunting for the one and only Ms.Lee.Not an easy task.but,it was kinda fun.=) would like to thank See Wei for giving me opinions and taking the ktm with me.=DWould also like to thank Phui Gi for following my crazy random plan.Love ya.=) Lots of concerts are gonna happen this year..urghh,need to pick and choose the ones i really like.Plan to go to MGMT maybe tak jadi..It's kinda expensive for,not going unless i get free ones.muahahaha.Oh oh oh.i rad Mei Quin's blog that day and her friend told her that Big Bang MAYBE COMING TO MALAYSIA THIS YEAR...And i freaked out and started googling this news..And it seems that it maybe possible..Please pray for me that they DO come ok???? shall DEFINITELY go..without a doubt...muahahahahahahaa.Last Saturday class was kinda amusing..Not sure who bought the chocs and all(i think its mei see?) i forgot.but it was designed in the form of pads,condom and bras and stuff.amusing..XD it taste good too.(the sweet&chocs i mean.)had slight fever and flu for's plain suffering everytime i get up in the morning.=.=

Can't stop listening to G.D&TOP's album..what can i say,its pure hotness.TVXQ-Keep you head down & athena is also nice too...Discovered this band called The Boxer Rebellion from the movie Going the Distance(a nice movie as well)..Their songs are awesome..Loving If you run and Spitting Fire.Ooh,am also impressed with MBlaq's new's not bad..The one song that's stuck in my head is Throw Away..=)
p/s:bout myself some earrings while going present hunting it.=)
that's it for now,till then.with lots of love,peace out-
Arent they fabulous?? =DD

Chocolate shape like a condom.hahaha
the picture speaks for itself 1

the pic speak for itself 2
the pic speak for itself 3

Cute pic right? By yik yee :D

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