Friday, December 31, 2010

randomness & happiness?= fun times

Went to a ''vibrant'' acs school friends gathering on the do i put it,it was kinda strange,as the people that i am meeting are those of some whom i have never met in years..yes YEARS..the akwardness at the beginning on what to talk about and stuff are kinda amusing..Then,randomly ms.lee and i were the only ones ended up to go to P.d with mr.Ryan Sum..we had kinda like vip treatment there which is the first time i have exprerience something like that,and it was awesome.It occured to me also that this is the first time that i went out with mei wee to somewhere kinda far and stayed a night together after SPM..oh god...its kinda sad aint it?? but there are a lot of chances for this to happen more.hehehe.we were kinda bored at the room that night,as we were rushing in packing stuff,forgot to bring some entertainment pula.Also,we forgot to bring some snacks and there we no shops within walking distance which we could find. =(( 

however,it was amazing that we ended up sleeping at almost 3 something am in the morning.hahahaha. It was more amusing to see people polishing shoes(read in cantonese) hahaha...plated bowling for the first time,and i suck at it big time.asyik dapat 0 je.ishh.memalukan.went to walk along the P.D beach and watched the sunset (just a little bit only as it was covered by the clouds sadly) at Lovers Bridge.An amazing view..Do you guys know that you can't watch the sunrise in P.D ?? you can only do that in Terengganu.Sad right?? i know.cos that was my initial plan..hahahah.Went to the Ostrich farm for free (was supposed to pay rm8) thanks to a group of old auntie and uncles who were walking in front of me,the people a t the entrance didnt realised that we were not in the same tour group.hahahhaa.awesomensshanging out and chilling randomly is an amusing and fun experience for me.seriously.hope to go there with my bestie ms.lee and ms.chua and also others as well next time.i think it would be more awesome.=DDDD

here's some pics that day..there are more nicer/random ones,but,i belum dapatkannya.maybe will post it up later.XD
of gossips and the usage of today's gadget everyone can't live without
my blur look =.=
ms.lee and ah chang's teacher.yup.they wore they baju pengantin to a&w.super cool
all of us =)
all of us(well not all lah)
gossip gossip session 2
the berpuluh tahun tak jumpa punya org,Ryan Sum
me talking excitedly to ah chang XD
Le paris & costa rica

the view outside during low tide 1

the view outside during low tide 2

the sweet couple =)


no comment on this pic
''randomness''-by cja
''happy?'' by lmw
it was actually hot at that time,so...

a very random and friendly group of ppl

at Teluk Kemang

love this pic

P.D Ostrich Farm,here we come.muahaha

Epic failure in playing bowling
the proof of epic failure*sigh*

people who heart swings =D

forgive the messy look clothing.tak bawa cukup baju XD

Lovers Bridge

Sadly,we are not romantically linked.just 2 besties.LOVE  this pic
till then,with lots of love,peace out

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