Friday, October 1, 2010

It's the 2nd week of class.Well,overall,it is ok..I'm studying/reading everything law now.No more Econs or Business.Kinda not used to it..Criminal class is interesting,Contract,i love ms.miera,so.....=)  public law,is well,kinda,boring,but oklah..still bearable.CLR is my least favourite's umm,how do i put'll feel stressful when attending that class and umm.lost at times?? for melah,that is. Nothing much/exciting happen this week as far as i can remember..Only the lady who i was dealing with my touch n go refund thing got into an accident and maybe on mc for 1 took me by surprise and its sooo drama right??

hahaha.anyway,i hope nothing really serious happen to her and she'll get well soon. Speaking of which,i finally got back my refund today...i am RM 40 richer...phewww.Acutally not richer,as i'm currently in a deficit.It just made it a bit better.=( Ooh,went out with mei v,phui gi and the beribu tahun tak jumpa,Chua Kaa Ee.Wanted to it steamboat(mei v's random invitation) only to find out that the place was closed on a Tuesday and so went to JJ for Secret Recipe instead.Had a nice them chit chatting and stuff.Then went to CKE's house to look at his golden retriever which is soooo cute......

Sis is back from johor after working there for about 10 days,Cant wait for her to be back as i wanna talak some good food.muahahahaha.Ooh oh,there are a lot of good movies out lately.namely,Wall Street,Eat,pray,love,and Charlie.St.Cloud...and i'm in a deficit now.what's this man??? *cries a river* i wanna watch all 3 of these movies...and hopefully,i will.

Current addiction to songs are :Shinee-Hello,Far East Movement,Lady Collection-More than anyone else,Omarion ft.Lil' Wayne-i get it in and 2ne1's album.still not getting sick of it..=DDD

It's october already...gosh,time surely flies.there only 2 more months and then year 2010 is coming to an end...what a year it has the end of this month,i think my teeth are gonna have their freedom.Can't believe the day has finally arrived.I guess that's more or less about it for now.
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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