Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another week has passed,well technically a few weeks in my blog since it's been like almost 2 weeks since i updated it...Maaf...a bit lazy ..hehehe.Well,2 of my classes was canceled last week,so that meant that i only had classes on thursday and saturday.muahahahahahahaha.i was happy..cause this meant that i could sleep loner =DDD.. Was supposed to climb Broga Hill with college mates,but in the middle of Contract class,(thursday),Broga hill is on the dawn of Friday..

Karan,smsed me saying that her friend has extra tickets to Adam lambert and do i want to go or not? I was surprised as she had told me before this that her friend only has 1tic to give,when she said,she has 2 more now...apatahlagi,saya pun pergi..and so in the end,my attempt to climb Broga Hill failed..i shall do it another time..So,wait for me..........Adam was awesome..his voice is amazing and his bassist,the one where he had kissed in his concerts at other places is cool...thought was his boyfriend,but it turns out that he's straight..It was a standing place,and when he sang 'If i had you' he asked us to jump..And me,being super high did that.I always wanted to do that in a concert.but never had the chance to,and it is awesome...=DDDDD By the time i got home,clean up,etc and finally went to bed,it was 1am..And so,i was dead tired which luckily i didnt go climb the hill,cos i would most probablyfaint there.-.-
Other than that,things are pretty normal here..Carrying out my daily routine of listening to songs,discovering new song,watching my korean shows and keeping up with the entertainment news and all and of course not forgetting studying..and i'm reading 2 story books at once now.Nancy Drew(yea,i still love them) and a book called Looking for Mr.Right by Chrissie Manby..That book,despite the cliche title,is super funny and is the reason why i bought it.=)

Currently loving 2netv season 2,grey's anatomy,survivor and how i met your mother.=) i'm still addicted to 2ne1's album and current love is Rihanna feat Drake-What's my waiting for her new album (which i hope is not disappointing) which will be out on Nov 16th i think..around there.Also loving a song by Drake-Best Ever Had.BUT it's a cover of that song that i like,where the video of it i have posted it in my fb page.=)) ummm,i guess that's it for now??? can't wait for the deepavali holidays..
  p/s:pics of adam's concert is in fb.ooh and my profile pic,i took a pic with this guy (he actually had another friend too) where at the concert he was standing near me and he and his friend really dress up,with their hair,eyeliner and stuff,that i cant resist and  had to take a pic with him.Too bad,his friend was kinda shy and walked away for a moment...haih.=(
                                                               -till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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