Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hmm,let's see,classes for tutorials started this week..And of all luck only qian yi and i are in group A.The others are in group B.ishhhh,tak syok..but,it's just like a 2 hour plus  class a week not like for all classes we are seperated into different groups,so,it's bearable. Karan said,in her uni last time,you get to choose your own group for tutorials and set the time for what day and what time you wanna attend the tutorials classes.She was surprised how come my college they still split us up randomly like that cos she said,we are no longer children..That statement is so true..But,oh well....Homework/assignments has officially started and i hate them..cause i keep delaying my work.Hence,till today,i havent done them yet.But,i vow,like seriously i shall complete them tomorrow.Or try to complete them..

Today is an emo day for me..Why? cause BIG BANG IS IN SINGAPORE(well,at this hour they are actually in a plane heading back to Korea) for a concert(k-pop night to be exact) and i'm HERE IN SEREMBAN/KL MALAYSIA...what's thislah??? They performed 7 songs..(i feel that my stalking skills have improved a lot this year itself.hhahahahaah)Were the last group to perform and urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,aku geram..

Please please please come to Malaysia.Though i doubt it..They are gonna have their comeback soon,and year end there's YG Family Concert(which i would kill to attend it) in Korea..Haihhh...the feeling of their are so near and it's unbelievable that they came to Singapore and yet so far...haihhhhh...they should be more international=((   ok,i could go on and on about this.So,i shall stop here.
Bro pissed me off yesterday..I was cleaning up the whole upstairs (sweep +mop + wash toilet) and the toilet that i share with him is so disgusting that i need to scrub the floor twice...Grrrrrr.All the while when i was washing the toilet i was almost cursing all the way and was seriously  PISSED OFF after that.Cause everytime it is I who clean up the rooms and all and he is the one who made a big mess and get away with it and the fact that my mum nags at me and said that i dont clean the house ticks me off..urghhhh

Ms.Lee's exam is near,hence didnt really contact her as i know she is busy cramming and stressing for exam,i wish her all the best.Know she can do it.Ms.Sweet at the other part of Earth is also having some exam and has a num of outings and hence also minimal contact these week.Ooh and Phui gi also just finish her exam today and i hope it goes well and she has twitter now..Niceeee.I have to say that i sometimes prefer twitter than facebook.Hmm,i guess that's it for now.
  p/s: if its possible never i repeat NEVER bring kids to take the ktm..seriously man.can be interesting and annoying at times.=,=
                                                                          -with lots of love,peace out-

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