Saturday, September 18, 2010

kawanku yg tercinta

Finally,i send sweet off.It was so smsed me on friday saying you just got your visa and will be flying on saturday night..I was like,plan to surprise mode in the fast lane.We met up to buy you the scarf before heading to klia..We miss the one exit and need to take one BIG round which cause us to reach late,at 9.45.We were looking at those checking point areas,waiting for you and then,cannot tahan,called your sis and she said that you went in already.

All of us were shocked.Like it was still so early.And my heart sank,i think mei wee and ah mah also did.We were like,so,our plan to surprise was an epic failure,and the gift that we bought you...=( then we went to the departure gates there,where we ask the security ppl there and we were running to go to the information counter to ask them to call you out since you werent answering your phone...Ooh and,we saw these group of air hostess and pilots and ah mah suggest that we ask them whhich flight are their going to work and maybe could pass the gift we had to you.ahahahahahahah.random stuff.And at the same time ,at that moment,i first saw hafiz hashim,then rashid sidek,i didnt notice lee chong wei,was distracted.(mind in blur mode)and i saw Tan Boon Heong.I have to admit,i have a lil crush on him,cos,he's good looking.But,he's taken..And they kinda look arrogant,so,i didnt like go and ask to take pic with them.was waiting for you to come out.And then when u pick up,i got so excited that the only thing i could thing of was to tell you to come out.hahahahaha..It was soo exciting.And on the way to klia,we were texting you,and waiting for your reply and was also thinking whether you did lie to us or not about your flight time XD . And then we rushed to the departure hall and finally,met were almost in tears as you forgot your passport for a moment.....

After chatting for a while,it your time to go already,And for the first time in dont know how many years,we hugged...As ms.meow said,''kita ni anti-hug punya''.hahahhaha..But seriously,after hugging you,i feel like crying,but held it back..It's like i'm happy that you're going to a great place to further your studies,but i tak sampai hati to see you go.It's like,we are all reaching to this fork in the road,and taking on our own paths now.Like,i cant text you weekly to meet up and bergossip in person.go makan makan and all.though there's always the internet.damn,typing this thing now,makes me wanna cry.i'll miss you,and you know i love you.

Plus,i hope you like the present we got you.=)And i shall wait for you return next year,where i hope i can drive to anywhere by then and we shall go enjoy cukup-cukup...hope you have fun there..and you remembered what we said right?? what to bring back for us.hehehehehehe..i'm gonna be emo now and cry my heart out for a you ms.sweet.ooh and a BIG THANK YOU to ah mah for being the driver and stuff,didnt meet you for so long and had a nice talk about fashion stuff.hehehee.And ms.meow for being there for everything.there's only the 2 of us now.=(
p/s: pictures shall be uploaded later.*winks*
                                                                               -till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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