Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Hmmm,another week has passed.My pimples are a sad case.And i feel very conscious about this thing.Isn't it a weird thing where before this,small issues that you didnt really notice before suddenly becomes a big issue/gets your attention after something major happens to you?? Ooh and i went for my dental appointment last Fri and even the dentist and the taxi driver (taking it to go home) commented about my face...The taxi driver was giving me tips on DIY masks....what's this lah???? *cries a sea*

On the bright side,my teeth are most probably having their freedom around the end of next month....~wootttts~ =DD It seems like i have been wearing braces like forever...hahahahaha.
I'm finally a law's official and i'm proud of it.=) I kinda question myself if i'm choosing the right path and on second thought i don't think i'll regret it as i find this a really interesting subject to study and i aim to be an ace to it..After getting my a-levels results,i know now what i should do and what i shouldn't do to achieve my targets...hehehehe.I'ts the first week of classes and i'm kinda feeling the pressure(just a lil'bit) to do well in my examss....urghhhh..Classes are well,its too early to say whether it's easy or hard as all of it are just introductory classes.So...we'll have to wait and see how things becomes.=) The first few days of taking the ktm was not as peaceful at all.The first 2 days or so.there were train delays which pissed me off to the max.Add in a combo of screaming and weird kids...It really test your patience.Go try it.And then a woman ask me if she could have my seat the other day cos she was not feeling well,And i said sure.The place beside her was empty at Serdang station,and i sat beside her,I feel asleep right away as i was tired..i woke up at Nilai station to find her vomiting.and in the 2nd plastic bag she has...The people surrounding her,were all try to divert their attention somewhere else.I was one of them too...And it was not a good sight to see at all.
There's a lot of good music lately..

.Discovering new ones and loving back old ones.The ones that i almost forgot it existed..Current loves are: 2ne1, Son Dambi-Queen,Liz Lee-The Funeral, Andra,Far East Movement,Lucie Silva,Nelly Furtado-Try,Lee Hom and many many more.I'm waiting for Big Bang's comeback which is around November...And if it is,you'll see me go crazy that time.So,be prepared.XD 2ne1 tv season 2 is back and it's awesome.Am currently also watching Playful Kiss (korean version of the taiwanese drama-It Started With a Kiss) which starts my husband(you didnt read wrong.and yes,i am perasan =p) Kim Hyun Joong.He is HOT can one be so  hot ?..*faints* Just saw the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy.Hmmm,this ep talks about the aftermath of the shooting thing at the end of season 6.And a lot of character changed...Not liking the new Derek...=( still loving Sloan though.I dont know how to categorize the ep..I kinda love it and kinda feel sad that the characters have some of the things that i was hoping to happen/last didnt..=(

I miss my bestie Ms.Sweet.Chatted with her once in msn..And it seems that she's having fun there.I'm hapy for her..But,i miss you lots...things doesnt feel the same without you here though i dont sms you everyday when you were here...but you know..its just that one weird feeling...*cries a sea* We need to uphold the dream of being friends till we are like 30 ++.muahahahah.There's still a lot of things we havent do together yet..*winks*Need to meet up with Ms.Meow also..miss that girl also.Although we just met a week ago =P Went to MV after class today.As i need to use my RM 20 voucher from metrojaya..Wanted to get a denim skirt,but didnt find a nice and affordable one.And so,i bought a shoe.and i love it...And i have another pair to wear to college and to go out.=DDD i'm more of a sneaker/ballet shoes kinda girl..And sneakers are expensive..(one cost like 100 ++ ? ) and ballet shoes,i'm kinda picky about the design and stuff..As if its beautiful but is pain as hell when you walk in them for even a short while.I wouldnt buy them..Not worth my $$..Hmm i guess this is more or less the summary of my week?? Ooh,and Dad went to Cameron Highlands today,forgetting to bring his jacket and it was raining cats and dogs in the afternoon just nwo..ish ish ish,...ayahku ni...*shakes head* Karan went to Senai to work.And she's in Sinapore for a day or to to shop and stuff.Hopes she buys for me something.Though expectation langsung tak tinggi...

Can't wait for her to be back as i wanna eat some jap/korean food..Dont care how fat it is...muahahahahaha.And I'm so craving for Carl's Junior.But prevented myself form eating it cos 1) it's FAT 2)Expensive (though worth it).As i'm saving money unless someone wanna belanja me..You are so welcome to do so..*winks* ok.i know this is lame,but this sentence pop up in my head just now and it rhymes.And i's not rocket science to piece this words together...but you know.i feel the need to write it somewhere.hehehehehe
It's not you,its not me,it's just that we're not meant to be. 
And maybe this sentence already exist.but,I dont care.=P
                                                                      -till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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