Monday, September 13, 2010

it's been days since i blogged.many apologies,i spent my days watching shows and now currently addicted to farm frenzy,a game in my comp given by my cousin..=DDD 2ne1 is back with their new album.And it is HOT HOT HOT them..their music are more different than the other korean girl groups out there and they dont really like act cute and stuff,more to like.showing strong girl power.which is awesome..will post up a kinda really long post soon i guess.hehehe..
i know its a bit late,but happy birthday to Teddy Park..may you continue to produce more good music,....muackss
p/s: i hate my complexion right now..urghhh,pimples,please,i'm begging you.go away..*cries a sea*
                                                                                                 -with lots of love and sadness,peace out-

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