Wednesday, September 1, 2010

As i stated in my previous post,Big Bang,Shinee,etc are coming over to Singapore for a concert.And today the info about ticket pricing,etc are out.And i am SAD people.Why??? there are 4 types of tickets/price.And the cheapest one is seriously..SUPER EXPENSIVE.I was really looking forward to attend this thing and  hoping that tickets will be cheaper.Mana tahu..its worse.And it's a 2 hour concert.For 6 groups..Isnt it sad? ishhhh...And i think you cant pre-order it or buy it online? you need to go to singapore and buy it??? ishhhhhh...And i heard that Big Bang is going to the Philippines.Why cant they come here?? I hope and pray that they will come sometime next year???? i wanna see them in person.=(

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