Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hmmm,it's almost 3 weeks or so since my holidays have started.And i am sooo enjoying it for now.I'm currently working with kim and see wei at her dad's firm in JB.And it's awesome..learned a lot of stuff this past week and it's interesting going to court and watching some drama unfold.hahahaha.Kinda lazy to update about it in detail,i'll upload pictures later and let them do the talking ya?'s  so surreal.i'm back in seremban for the weekend as i have my dental appointment tomorrow.Have to admit that i am a bit nervous as i am scared that Dr.Goh will scold me,and hopefully not. took the bus home today when i realised that this is the first time i took a bus back home alone from such a far place.(if you get what i mean)...Journey was ok as i had my ipod,book and a few people who had sms me during the journey,so it was not that boring...As i got back to Seremban,it made me realised that i Have miss home....ohh,my beloved room...<3 I've realised that i have changed a bit lately.By how you mean?? i feel that i'm more random lately?? and i dont know in a few more aspects i guess??? no?

Today is a great day because,Taeyang;s out with his solo album SOLAR,and it is way way way beyond HOTNESS....i just simply love the songs from his album...*faints* His comeback today with G.D was sooo HOT.and his voice...ahhhhh amazing. Just discovered this song called Something More by secondhand Serenade which is love.And also a song by Eminem feat Rihanna-Love the way you lie.Can't stop listening to it..Ooh and there a song called Overtime by Baek Ji young which is nice too.I love the MV.So,all in all,today's a good day.Ohh,and i forgot to write about this,but,i manage to win passes for Mtv World Stage,hehehe,which is on 31st July.I can't believe it.didnt expect myself to be so lucky as i dont always win this kinda contest in my life.=DD

On the other hand,i was shocked to read that Park Young Ha,a korean actor who co-star in Winter Sonata had committed suicide.It's just so shocking and sad to hear about this news.Heard that he had insomnia for several years and he's taking care of his sick father and is having a lot of stress about his company,and maybe that lead his to take his life away i guess.It's just so sad,as he's only 33 or so....*sigh* life can seem so bright and happy at one moment and it can be dark and sad the nest moment...

rest in peace Park Young Ha,may you be in a better place.
                                                                       -with lots of love peace out-

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