Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well,the post below,as you can probably feel is more of my highness due to the recent release of my favourite singers which i have been waiting for sometime now.hehehe.I shall now update a lil' bit about my current life.Firstly and Sadly,i have gained weight.For those who feel that i have lost weight instead,beribuan terima kasih.I feel soooo happy.hehehee.But,i think i've gained weight.And i'm fat.So,let the exercise and obsession start now.

Being in JB is fun and a new experience for's very interesting.Got me thinking about what i want to become next time and how will i deal with different people and situations.My mum asked me if i enjoyed myself there,as it seems that i am,it's not that i don't enjoy myself there,but sometimes,i just miss being at home where i can just lock myself in the comfort of my own room and watch and do all the stuff that i like,such as to laze around all day.I guess i just miss my home and parents i times.I'm back for 2 weeks and now,1 week is almost up and it feels so fast.=( I am having moral exam on monday and guess what,i havent finish revising yet.I'm just soo lazy to read them.I kinda wish that we don't have to take it and they just give us a pass,well for those who have painfully attend the classes for the last few months.It was pure boredom and torturing.=( Went to MPH and Borders alone the other day,(yes.i am a self confessed bookaholic) and i was lusting over a few books which i hope i could purchase them where,each one of them cost a bomb..Urghh,seriously,if you want to encourage more teenagers to read,make books much cheaper pleaseeeee...I am looking for a nice jeans and maybe a skirt if i could fine one.or maybe i should buy a bag,or maybe a brand new pair of shoe..hmmm,i feel like getting myself something,but have yet to find them.

I miss sweet and mei wee a lot.Kinda didn't contact them much lately.What with Mei Wee being busy with studies,and sweet being busy relaxing i guess,didnt see both of them online much,and hence,minimal contact between us.

As you guys know,i am currently having a lot of amazing songs (for me) such as se7en's new album,4minute new single,Shinee's new album and i'm waiting for BoA's new album which will be released on 2nd of August.=DD This is definitely a hotness galore month.hehehehehe...Discovered a number of interesting fact/news lately which shall not be mentioned here due to various reasons.(hahaha.feeling curious?? XD ) But,maybe the news/facts that i know is something you already know,so,it's actually nothing much to be known actually..muahahahahaa.Ooh i think i have not announced it here yet,but people,I AM GOING TO MTV WORLDSTAGE 2010 on the 31st of July!!!! =DD I can't believe my luck as i have manage to win 4 passes to this event.Which i am bringing my sis,kim,and sweet along.I remembered clearly that i wanted to go soo badly last year,as it was my dream to see All American Reject live last year,but i think it was because of exams or something that I ended up watching the concert on tv.Resenting and cursing a little bit for not being was so near,yet so far.haihh...But,i am gonna enjoy myself this year.hehehe.Ohh,and Super Junior will be coming again on March next year and if i'm not mistaken,so is Jay Chou?? I am sooo gonna be broke man.But,i will go (hopefully) to both of these concert.Ooh i have not announce it here also,but kim calls me a concert junkie which i very much agree myself..hahaha.But,maybe next year,Phui Gi is not going to Suju's concert as she will be overseas furthering her studies.*sobs* sedih sedih.She's my partner in crime when it comes to kpop stuff.hehehehe.Speaking of which,Mei Quin is addicted to kpop songs also lately.Welcome to the club Mei Quin.^o^

Currently watching a new drama called Coffee House.It's ok.Still in the beginning process.So,will not rate it so fast yet.It seems that there will be a korean version of the taiwanese drama,It Started with a Kiss and the guy who will be playing Joe Cheng's character is none other than my *ahem* husband,Mr.Kim Hyun Joong.*claps hands* ~wohooo~will be looking foward for their drama next year,i hope.=) Finished Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood last week or so,love the's an awesome anime.Well,i guess that's about it for now.Shall upload loads of pics later i guess.Ooh,i almost forgot,congratulations to Bryan Boy.=)And and and Ian Eastwood and Tucker Barkley is  HOTNESS!!

p/s:about my other personal life,well,the bits and pieces of lyrics from Gummy,Robyn,G.Na,Soya&Sun,Pixie Lott and many more perfectly describe how i feel now.Hmmm,just one thought,i guess i am too positive and hopeful at times where i should be more realistic and rational.Ooh and,please bear with me if i come out with some emo post from time to time know i love you and i know you love me.hahahaha
                                                                                                           -with lots of love,peace out-

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