Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dont you just love korean movies/dramas ? ok,i think i'm the one who loves them more than any other type in the world..When a movie has a happy ending,it makes you happy and gives you hope though at times you can't help but to think it's a bit unrealistic..and wish at times that instead of that cliche happy ending,it would have a sad ending instead(though a million others may disagree about this with me).This would be the opposite if it has a sad ending...

Watching korean movies,is probably the best thing that can help make me cry in times where i NEED to cry the most.hahaha...props to them to be able to make the most romantic/ saddest movie.Not to mention they make good mv as well..I watched another movie called My Love today.And it rules.I watch another movie called About Love (a taiwanese/japanese movie) and it rocks too..(i know,and you probably can guess it,it's about I guess i'm just an ultimate fan for these kinda movie.Though I am also a fan of action/comedy movies as well..=D Well,i guess that's about it now.Just feel the need to blog my love for korean movies and not forgetting songs of course.hahahahahaa.
  -with a little bit of love(because most of it is devoted to my korean addiction)hahaha , peace out-

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  1. i only prefer korean songs le...
    havent progress to the point whee i like korean movies too
    ahahah! :D