Tuesday, July 20, 2010

today =Infinite Hotnesssssss

Ok,it seems like it's been years since i updated my blog..sorry.there's no reason for it.I am just plain lazy =(.. i was planning to write about all my recent happenings,but now i am in a very very high mode.I'm in the stage of where i believe i'm experiencing eternal happiness....Why you may ask???? Shinee came back with their new 2nd album today called Lucifer and it'sPURE HOTNESS!!! love their songs.especially A-yo.

 Although it's a remake of a song,(which means that it's not a original song) it's better than the original one.And it keeps playing in my head and makes me feel so determine to learn the song.(which is hard).And 4minute released a single called Superstar which is awesome as well.And guess what??? Se7en is back with his new album called DIGITAL BOUNCE.AND IT'S SOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTT!!! After 4 years,he's back.And his voice is still as membunuh and hot as ever.And it's definitely worth the wait and not disappointing at all!!! *faints* althoulgh i was dead tired just now and wanted to sleep,and my body is aching,i am sooo energized now!!!!And i saw almost all the dance video by Ian Eastwood,he's just 17 and a really really HOT and DOPE dancer + choreographer.

And I discovered another dancer called Tucker Barkley which is equally hot and dope as well.(check out my fb of the video that i posted)just get to know that he was the one who choreograph 2pm's again and again  and was a dancer for britney  today is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhh,i  dont know what to write anymore .....oh,a BIG  shout out to my grandma as today's her birthday and to chua kaa ee as well(although he didnt reply me sms wish ...hmpphhh)..
                                                                -with lots of love,hotness&being in a state of highness,peaceout-

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