Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well,it's been a long long long time since i blogged..Am having exams...So,was busy studying and stuff.Though i mamanged to watch and discover this drama called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge which is not badlah.And since it only have 10 episodes,even better.Where shall i start with where i left out,hmmm,well stress level this month is to the max..And i am sooo looking foward when my exam ends next Friday...And then i am done with A-levles.Gosh,time seem to fly soo fast.It seems after this (if all goes well) we're going into degree adi...Some may leave to study at another place,some choosing UKT,some choosing UOL.....goshh.....all this feels so fast to me. A very funny and random thing happen in the ktm that day where i have to tahan ketawa to the max.And oh,i think i have blog about this yet,the ktm has introduced a women's coach..Which to me has it's pros and cons.But,i think the chance of it succeeding at times are low if compared to Japan.The trips back home are bearable sometimes and not at times.It kinda depends i guess.
Tort paper was hard today....And i order to cure some of my sadness I watch season 6 finale of Grey's Anatomy again.And the season finale of House (s4)It was the best finale ever man.Like seriously...And Jesse Williams in that show,is like HOTNESS...his eyes are sooo beautiful.

Is currently loving songs from:
Anya Marina :Whatever you like
Big Bang-Tell me Goodbye,(their MV is like hotness)
Jay-Z-On to the next one(the mv is like the coolest ever)
ss501-Love ya (which is a remake from michaelangelo)need i say more than hyun joong is hotness!! heheheh
Robyn-be mine
And ohh,i discovered an Icelandic song by Sigur Ros,Though i don't understand what they are saying,it just gives you a calm feeling when you listen to that song...And for the moment,I am listening to more emo-like songs as today was really NOT a good day for me.On top of that,i'm kinda having flu..And i discovered something which kinda breaks my heart and i have reached to the point of..............................
I don't really like to use this word,,,but,urghhhhhhhhh whateverlah...i don't wanna force or whatever.Maybe it's cause i'm stress now,or maybe i am too paranoid or think too much,or i'm  just plain stupid or blur...uurghhhh nevermind  it's cool....though  i don't wanna get into this kinda stuff anymore man...not anytime soon..hate it...
p/s: just realised (though it may be a bit late) people do like do contradict themselves,don't they,or is it just me??
pp/s: Ms.Lee and Ms.Chua,i miss you guys terribly...can;t wait to meet up.*cries a river*
                                                                                                                 -whatever man,peace out-

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