Saturday, May 15, 2010


I knew this girl when I was 8 years old.Still remember we started talking because our ''seniors'' when we were pengawas pelatih was friends and have the same duty place.And from then on,we were friends.As both of us had the same surname many thought that we were related,though we  aren't. I remembered how we used to talk in BM when we were in primary school and it seemed weird and funny now.hhahahaha.As we go into secondary school, to be honest,you kind of motivate me to excel in my studies.As we always had close marks and can i say we have a positive competition during exams??

Ok.i admit,i am bad at maths though..hahahaha. After form 3,you choose not to continue on as a prefect and me and Mei Wee were the ones left.Though our topic perbualan tak banyak affected.And we always gossip on our way to the toilet.heh heh heh And i remember I always copied your homework whenever I forgot to do it or was just well...plain  lazy =p And i remember how during report card day,we would act  that we were cousins and my mum would help you take your report card as well.Oooh,and the times we had when we did our Science project thingie,the lamp shade and stuff.Seriously this girl and Ms.lee were the ones who thought me how to be brave and just take risks at times and aim to achieve stuff that you thought it was super hard to achieveThe times where we ponteng class during form 2 and times spent in counselling room after PMR..

Ooh,and the rocket comp together with Nic.The times we had at Mei wee's house and naming those rocket bottles.And the time where we did RC's souvenir at Sweet's place.Where,her hand bled,and we we singing bleeding love and laugh like mad on that night.And the times where we had BBQ this year and last year.hehehe.Those were definitely good times. Besides Miss.Lee, this person is my go to person as well.Though,she do not share my craziness over korean stuff and my willingness to spend $$ for concerts,but,she kinda get it,that i'm crazy over this stuff,as you guys would probably have known by  now too. XD And that one time where we went all the way to Cineleisure Damansara to try and win MTV Asia Awards passes,which sadly,we didnt manage too.=(  Did any big dramatic arguement happen between us before? I can't remember one that was like really major.Hmmm....

This year is the 11th year that we have got to know each other..And I would like to wish  Ms.Sweet Yin,Happy 19th are now the same age as Mei Wee and I.hahahaha.Was kinda shocked to hear that you'll be going to Uk/Scotland by maybe around August.It seems so fast.And tak sampai hati betul,cannot see your for like 3-4 years ?? *sobs* Nevermind,if it really is like that,we shall enjoy secukup-cukupnya after our exams ^o^ May everything go your way this know i love you.
p/s: i realised that both Ms.lee and Sweet share the same birth date. 13th.haha.such coincidence.
                                                                                    -with lots  and lots of love,peace out-

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