Monday, June 14, 2010

Of happenings, things about this and that

Ok,i actually wanted to update this blog right after exams,but i was a little bit decided to do it today.Well,overall,the days/weeks/month before exam was crazy.It was hectic,tiring and stressful...seriously,till the point i begin to question myself,what did i sign myself up for??? and i want to study law after this ?? @@  But,i still find this subject interesting and shall of course continue on studying that.Hmmmm,i dont know how I did in the exams,i know i can pass the exams,but about getting straight A's again,this time,I am not expecting it.I prefer to prepare myself for the worst...So,when the results are out,if it's bad,i wont feel that sad,though of course i will go back home and cry myself out and regretting in not putting more effort,etc,etc...But,till then,I'm gonna enjoy my hols. ^o^
After Econs paper 1 on Friday-12th of June...all of us went to sing k.(which is my first time) I know,i don't do this kinda stuff often,due to various reasons.It was fun actually.hehe.Then after that,we went to Junior's house for bbq..Had a fun time there,though there was a couple of awkward moments...After then,Kim sent Kong,Yik Yee and her bf home.I stayed overnight at Kim's house again.hehe.pai seh,,always staying over at her house.*blushes*So a BIG thank you to Ms.Kimberley Ong.stay hot babe.XD We had some pillow talk and then we woke up late the next day,and decided to watch movie with Gary& Nick.Had Carl's Jr for lunch which is delicious(try pronouncing this in a french way.hehe)Watched the A-Team which is awesome.It's  an action comedy movie to me,which i feel is worth the money and certainly did not disappoint me.=DD We went shopping for a bit and did some random stuff,such as.... taking pic with the Transformer patung..hehehehe..I went home after movie and i think i watch the match between England and US.In which that Green dude from England made a very very silly mistake...hahahaha..I slept about 4.30am that day i think.And i was dead tired and woke up like 2pm the next day.heheheheeh.

I am currently watching a korean drama called Personal Preference which stars Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin..I kinda like Lee Min Ho now thanks to this drama as previously I didnt really like him in BOF..Some of the things that he did,kinda membunuh.*faints* I plan to re- watch 9 ends 2 outs and maybe Que Sera Sera since i heard that drama is one of the best..Watched this movie called Ponyo(produced by Studio Ghibli)which is a nice movie.And so is this movie called Post Graduate.Staring Alexis Bledel.I am also starting back my project of reading my story books which kinda abandoned for months now...Am currently reading this book called Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot which is super funny.Ooh oh, I just discovered this song by J-lie called Forever which is awesome.And I am addicted to Jesse McCartney-Body Language,Katy Perry- California Girls,Jay-Z-On to the next one, and Big Bang's Tell Me Goodbye(remix ver.)I am really really looking foward to their comeback which it seems will be in August and Se7en's comeback which is around July....~wheeee~

Is meeting Phui Gi and Mei Wee tomorrow.Gosh,it's been such a long time since i saw both of them.need to bergossip sikit.heh heh heh..I accidentally bumped into Sweet on Wed (the 2nd last day of my exam) in the toilet in Sentral.Where we were both shocked to see each other.And Sweet said my expression when I saw her was very funny.And i got to admit that it took me sometime to process who she is.As I was half blurr and didnt expect to bump into her at all.This shows how small the world is and how fate works i guess.hahahahaha.Will definitely mee tup with her after she finish her exam which seems like years to come-June 29th . =(

Ooh after much thinking and hearing stuff here and there,i feel that it's better to stay single for now right,and not really fret about stuff in the Love Department.....As sometimes,if you have done everything you could have done,well,a;; that is left is to see what happens after that...Or if you have done nothing,then well,you can choose to do something or continue on feeling whatever you're feeling at the moment and after sometimes the feeling will just go away i guess.Let's just go with the flow and whatever happens,happens i guess.=] I guess that's all for now.will upload some pics later as I'm kinda lazy...hehe

p/s : had a weird dream about WJB semalam, dreamt that he has facebook,and he looked a bit different or something and i can't really remember what happen after that...kinda weird since i kinda forgot his existence for sometime now.hahaha.anyways,
pp/s : i'm  miss everyone in college.*sobs*                                                                                                                                                                                                         -with lots of love,peace out-

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