Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i was suppose to update bout my birthday last week but then,i got to know about my ah ma's news,and lost the mmod,Anyways,this year's celebration was awesome =DDD Mei Wee and Sweet Yin came down to my college after class which is at 5pm.OMG ,i was sooo shocked.Didn't expect them at all.Thanks for all this tedious plans man.*muacksss* You know i love birthdays right? hehehe.I got 2 nail polish from Nicole,Kong belanja me makan and movie + he bought me a body shop bath gel.Was suprised as he gave it to me today.And all the others gave me a new bag to use and See Wei made this super beautiful and only one in the world b'day card. ^0^   Thank you so so so so so so much guys.

I went down to Johor last Tues till Sunday.Granma's funeral was on Friday.She wanted to be cremated,and the moment where we saw her coffin going in to be burned,all of us broke down,it was like it's the very last time.My cousin and I complied a slideshow for her which we played for a short while after we were done with the prayers ceremony.Although my granma's a Buddhist,she practices japanese Buddhism,which is a little different.Ate a lot of good food there too,and had more time to ber-bonding with my cousins actually.And also tried my best to minimise crying,.haha

Exams are near.I'm stress,gonna study like crazy again.The time has come !!!
Currently addicted to Lee hyori's new album and Rain-Hip Song.+ Justin bieber feat Sean kingston-eenie meenie.HOTNESS...waiting for big bang,se7en and 2ne1's comeback.=DDD Saw 2 beautiful people this made my day.hahahaha.and don't think i'm ham sap ok,it's a normal reaction cos it's hard to see beautiful ppl in the ktm.=[
                                                                                 -with lots of love,peace out-

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