Monday, April 19, 2010

As they say,beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.Even if it's not,everyone is beautiful in their own way.But,we live in a materialistic world,I have to admit and most of the time,we will judge people based on their appearance.
However,if you're not such a beautiful person yourself( i'm talking about the whole package here.i.e.personality and physical appearance) wouldn't it be a little unfair to criticise or judge people as you're not that great yourself??

I admit that i am not that great either and I do judge people,but sometimes it is just better to keep some thoughts to yourself,or if you wanna judge someone,make sure the person that you are judging is not somewhere near you where they can hear it.Cos,if they did get to know/hear about it,there'll be one lable on your forehead the next time they see you.That is you're either a Jerk or a Bitch.the freedom of judging someone i believe do have its limits at times

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