Friday, March 26, 2010

As you guys know,I went to Super Junior concert last weekend.Sorry for the super late update.Was busy and tired.And i had moral exam this week.=.= back on the concert,it was AWESOME !!!! Way way way way way beyond HOTNESS !!!

Met Phui Gi in Nilai and we went to Bukit Jalil and later on met up with Nicole and her bro and Ke Xin with her friends.We reached there at about 4.30 like that i think and there were tons of people there already.Fast foward a few hours and I'm in the stadium,waiting for it to start.

It started at 8pm.And everyone was screaming their lungs out.Me included.Phui Gi and I went totally insane during Don't Don,And i wished i could see Eun Hyuk nearer,especially during Heartquake's performance.Donghae's beautiful rocks.And is my current addiction now.This concert is sooo totally AWESOME.and totally worth my every penny.shall not hesitate to buy their concert tickets the next time they are coming again.It's pure HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!! ~wohoooo~ seriously,if you wanna see me go crazy people,you should have see me during the concert.haahahaha.

A big thank you to Nicole for letting me stay at her house and bringing me and Phui Gi to 1U the next day.And also to Phui Gi.Had a great time.Come to think of it,this is my first korean concert ,and a first concert I went with my friends,and it ruled.=DDD And it's surreal seeing them in person.All of them are so much more good looking than in pictures.~faints~I could talk about this the whole night,but,I shall control myself a bit here.hehehe.Just watch some of their concert clips in youtube.They were some funny moments caught on fancam.ahahahaha
donghae !!
lee teuk =DD
dont don perf.(this is where i went crazy.XD)
eun hyuk.(cant see his face =[ )
hee chul <3
eun hyuk,hee chul
phui gi & moi after the concert.XD
they guys doing chu by f(x)
all the E.L.F's.
before the starting of the concert.
eun hyuk again.
kyuhun =DD
eun hyuk,kyuhun,siwon&donghae
*i curi these photos from Ke xin.Her friend,took really good pics.And for more pics.pls check out fb*
If Big Bang were to come,and I hope they will one day,I shall definitely go.And yes,i'm gonna spend.So will I during Suju's next visit.heh heh heh.Gonna start saving ...
Moving on,as I mentioned before,had moral exam this week.As everything that i read came out,so ,it was ok for me.Had a bad day on Thurs.It was raining heavily when my class ended and it took me 3 HOURS to get home.Was stuck in Labu for 45 mins.And after that,Was stuck in between Tiroi and Seremban,A train was spolied and all the passengers there need to get on the train that I was in...Was really tired and hungry that day.Learned a lesson here.I shall definitely store some food in my bag next time.Luckily i stll have some water left.Hopefully,my specs will be ready soon.It's almost 2 weeks already =(
Exams are near.i am stressing and freaking out.Need to start revising !!I guess that's pretty much it.
                                                                                                                        -with lots of love,peace out-

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