Friday, March 5, 2010

This week has been quite tiring as the whole week my classes were almost the whole day.@@ Exams are just about 2 months away.And i'm begining to freak out.I need to study study study study study!! I shall not forget to have some fun too.As i dont think i'll be able to resist not watching tv and stuff.hehehe.Nothing much happened this week as far as I remember.Aunt Sandara came down from Singapore.It's been a long time since i met her.Am going to start my super junior marathon soon as their concert is about 2 weeks away.Yeah baby !!! =DD Has been listening to old songs lately.And is looking foward to Epik High's new album..Wannabe is sooooo addictive.I realised that the phrase ''beauty is pain'' is trully as it means.Had facial today.And it was soooo painful.(carried out by karan). Watched Law Abiding Citizen (a movie staring Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler).This movie is amazing..awesome.For those who haven't watch this movie yet,you're kinda outdated like me as well.ahahaha.Nah,i'm just joking.Go watch it if it's possible,It rocks.Oh ya.Jermaine Sellers from American Idol is out.I'm kinda sad as i love his voice.=[ didnt expect him to go out so early.I kinda half forgot what i want to write here.(yeah,i have been having a bit of short term memory lost at times,lately.So,till i can remember,what i wanna write here,
- -with lots of love,peace out-

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