Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urghh,my comp is infected with virus.Partly thanks to Survivor and Karan.So,now,I'm stucked using mum's laptop which is moving at a snail's pace at times.But,at least I can online.This week  is kinda a partially lucky week for me.Though on Monday,I had a surprising open book test.And I need to start revising as I predict that in April I will have some mock exam going on.Speaking of exams,my A-levels exam timetable is out.*sobs*

Exams shall commence on the 25th of May till the 11th of June.Out of the 2/3 weeks,it will only be 5 days,where I have to sit for my papers.So now,i need to study ,study,study..of course,I shall not forget to relax from time to time as well.=D All work and no play,makes Jo a dull girl,right??  hehehe.Finally got in touch with uncle.He lost his phone and is on a mission to play the M.I.A (missing in action) plan.=.='''' Had lunch with him last Wed which dia belanja. =DDD .This week Tort class  was cancelled.And i only got to know about it,just as I got into the KTM going to class.It changed into Contract.

And I was clueless on the discussion going on that day as I haven't revise that part yet.And that day,Savreena and I ran for our life to get into the KTM.And this is the first time I had done it.We were breathless by the time we got into the train.ahahahha.It was certainly an amusing thing.Oh,and i have my moral exam next week,on the 24th,which I dont really care,as long as I pass the subject then it's fine.Seriously,the class is just .....................

Got to know a few interesting stuff also. XD Well,gossip makes life a tad more interesting right?? *winks* Ooh,and guess what?? this coming weekend is Super junior's concert.~wohooooooo~ Come to think of it,this is my 1st korean concert.I hope there's more to come.(Big Bang,PLEASE come to Malaysia =[ ) gonna start their marathon soon.Haven't really been in touch with meow and sweet.All have been busy. =[ Ohhh,and 2ne1-try to follow me mv is hot.A bit weird,but overall,i love it.=]  Hmm,i gues that's about it for now???

p/s : I went to make a new pair of glasses last weekend.Can't wait for my new one ~wheee~ and went to the police station that day.It was such a long,painful and hot process that I got hooked on Sudoku.It's a nice game.I get it why now See Wei likes it.Though the newspaper ones are harder than in the handphone ones.(ok,it maybe cos i only play the easy and medium mode.but,still ..........)
                                                                                                          -till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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