Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's been such a long time since i updated my blog.many apologies.Have been a bit busy and tired lately.Well,I shall start off with last week.It was CNY (it still is now till this Sunday i think).Before college ended,we had a pre-reunion table at the big table,which was wayy awesome. =D and we celebrated Lee tat's b'day in a way he definitely wont't forget.hehee.Had sreamboat for the reunion dinner and on the first day,went to the temple to pray.We didn't go down to Muar this year as Karan's leg is not fully healed,so,ang pow has been on a decline this year. =[ But,I had fun.Went to watch midnight show of the movie 72 Tenants of Properity with mei wee,her sis,her sis' friend and sweet.And then we decided to have steamboat and bbq feast the nest day.And guess how many people were eating it?? .............. 3.............. hahahaha.We started eating steamboat at about 5 i think and by the time we were half way through,all of us were sooo full that it was impossible to eat bbq later on that night and so,we postponed it to Friday.It was on Wed when we had the steamboat.Agaknya itulah akibat mempunyai cita0cita yang tinngi kadang-kala XD And on Fri we had bbq and there's 4 of us this time,with Nic Hiong.(instead of being an auntie killer ,he is the dog killer) hahhahaa.

Had a blast.And now,college starts again.There wouldn't be any holiday anymore until the exams are over *sobs* I shall start revising my work and stuff now !! Though I was kinda lazy in doing my Econs homework yesterday.ahahahaha.Karan had her check up yesterday and the doctor said that her bone have all formed fully and she can start to practice walking now. ~wheee~ Her thoughts on it was,she cant wait to get up and about like normal so that she can eat her beloved sushi. =.='' Ooh and,on Monday,as usual,after class,Savreena and I was taking the Ktm home when it suddenly just stop at Salak Selatan.(One of the stations where little people get on and down).And it was soo stuffy and hot inside the train as the air cond got switch off as well.There's this lady who then fainted and her friend pulled on the emergency door open and everybody started getting off the train.We had to wait for another train and pushed our way inside.And the train then had to reverse back a bit and use the 2nd track.It was certainly interesting as this had never happen before.hehe.Urghh and we have moral class tomorrow.I am not a big fan in attending the class.

But,for the sake of attendence,well,terpaksalah.haih.Oh and I'm going back to Acs (my high school) to receive some anugerah for SPM i think( which hopefully they give it in the form of $$$ ) hehe.I think,i'll be meeting CKE,Hui Peng and all.It's been such a long time since I met them,And it's been almost 1 year since I went back to school.Damn,I feel old =[ And i heard the politics there is getting greater day by day.hahahaa. Hmm,i guess that's about it.

p/s : Uncle has mysteriously been missing these past week or so.dont know what happen to him.guess i kinda miss him?? hmmmm
-till then,with lots of love peace out-

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