Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello people.I shall say this week was a fun & tiring week.But,overall,it was awesome! I had dinner at TGIF on Sunday at the Gardens which was sponsored by Mr.Aria for everyone who got an A for Econs.And had a great time there.And we kinda like celebrated Jie Yang's b'day there,and the speech that he gave was sooo funny.hahahahahaha.And after that,I stayed over at Kim's house and had a great time there as well.We watch this video of a girl not talking anything at all for about 1.30 min at least and having like 1-2 million views.gosh....=.= and the comment that we posted was sooo funny,and we laughed like mad.ahahahahha.And she also introduced me to some cool songs as well.So, a BIG thank you to Kim for letting me stay over and all. *muacks* Moral class was boring as usual.=[ On Tuesday,after Econs class,I went home and reached Seremban at about 4 i think,and ,as usual,i was sleeping

.When,I woke up when I was in Labu,I saw Roger sitting on my right,opposite of me.And I was kinda embarrassed for 2-3 minutes there,as he told me that,when he came in from Nilai station,he saw me sleeping so soundly that he didnnt wanna disturb me or anything.It has been sometime too since I saw him.And the previous week or so,I met Loi Chun Fai (not sure if it's the correct sp) in the station.The moment we saw each other we were like ''Ehh,it's you.'' And was like thinking to ourselves,what is he/she doing here?? And we said hi briefly as he was gonna board the train.The moment where we saw each other was super funny as well.hahahahah.And as my Tort class today changed time again,from 1-4pm,I took the express train to Kajang.And it was raining heavily when I reach there.=[ And when I got into the train from there,sitting opposite me was Tan Tze Yen.I thought he could not recognize me at first,as we kinda knew each other from school but have never really talk to each other before i think,and so we chatted on the way home to Seremban.

I just got to know that he's leaving for Australia this coming Monday to further his studies.It's kinda sad that he has to go there before the CNY. Hmmm,I guess, I kinda met people whom I didnt expect to meet at all in the ktm this week.Oh and another embarrassing thing happen today.As we were in sentral,Savreena wanted to buy some food,and I totally forgot about this and had touch my Touch n Go and was on the way og going down to Platform 6 when Savreena was asking me''Jo ann,where are you going??'' I was like''oh shit,you wanted to buy some things first'' and was like,ohh what do I do now,what do i do now?? the ktm guy who is in charge of collecting tickets was looking at me ,puzzled and in amusement.And when I when to his side,to touch the Touch n Go,he asked me 'why??' and I said,'oh,my friend wants to buy some stuff' after we did,we went back to the same place and he was smiling at us,and was asking me''Do you wanna touch the Touch n Go again??'' and started laughing to which I replied embarrassingly that I dont want to.Although it was funny,it was sooo embarrassing overall =[ Ooh and,I guess it's just me,but i'm kinda impressed with ktm effort to decorate kl sentral on festive occasions,such as when Christmas,they had a small Christmas tree and for CNY,they had lanterns along the platform.

Am currently addicted to Ke$ha-blah blah blah and the new song from T.O.P which has yet to be named.-Blah blah blah,zip your lips like a padlock.Love that.hahaha.Reminded me of the word that Karan love to use as well which is ''Just zip it'' ahahahahaha.And I am currently watching this Hong Kong drama( i know,it's been years,ahahah)called Cupid Stupid and I just LOVE this toy the main actor had on his table in the drama.It's just sooo cute and just makes you smile every time you see it. XD Is gonna meet up with mei wee and sweet this sunday and going shopping tomorrow.-Wohooo A pic of all of us.*more pics in fb*
Forgive moi for the poor quality,see the laterns were all along the platform.
Awwww,ain't this pic just soo cute.its like the toy's saying,''yea baby,just smile XD
p/s : has installed air-cond in my all,~whee~
-with lots of love and blah blah blah,peace out-

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