Wednesday, February 10, 2010


~wheeee~ It's holidays for a week now.hehehehhee.And then,I have no more breaks and shall start studying like mad again. =[ Had a kinda like reunion lunch with marcus,kim,see wei,etc at big table.The usual gang.It was awesome.Went for Moral class today but we went to eat breakfast at kopitiam and came in about 11am.heehhehe.It's just that,the lecturer is seriously perverted and there's just no need to really pay attention to what's he say 90% of the time.So........... Celebrated Lee Tat's b'day in a big way during Contract class today.Pics and videos about all this events shall be on facebook soon.A BIG thank you to Jake for always doing all this stuff,capturing all these memorable moments.Jake,you know we love you right?? hehehe.

As Kim,Kong,Savreena and I was on our way to McD in sentral,I was talking and laughing while taking the escalator when suddenly this guy in front of me and Kim was saying,''Wow,you're happy today.And me and Kim was like,''Errr,ya,hehhe'' and we continue talking.And then this guy was suddenly touch my hand ! And he was saying''You have a nice watch''.Me being blur,thought he was asking me what time it was.And Kim heard him better and so she was like''hehe ,thanks.And took my hand away.I was holding my purse at that time,I was like,don't tell me he's gonna snatch my purse.And he was sooo weird and was like staring at us.EWWWW.If this had happen to me in the train,and I am alone,I am soooo gonna get far far far far away from him.He's sooooo bin tai (read in cantonese) urghhhhhh.yucks

Am currently addicted to 2ne1-try to copy me.hehehe.And watching Family Outing again.=D. Ha ve a few homework for the CNY holidayss..*sobs* why is that happening,I'm sooo lazy to do it..=[ Looking foward in hanging out with my homies next week. ^o^ Ooh,and as you guys know,the First day of CNY falls on the same day as Valentine's Day this year,but the Single Awareness Day this year has a less effect on me I guess.Not that affected by it. This may be due to: (1) I am celebrating CNy with my family. (2) Is not expecting anything special,etc also this and I have finally get my hands on Crows Zero 1 and Crows Zero 2 Dvd.=DDDD that movie is awesome.And Shun Oguri is hotness!! (well,for melah) though i hate his hairstyle in it.Anyway,here's just a very brief summary this week.As i am sleepy and lazy...

p/s : i am having a pimple attack now.*cries a river* ishhhhhhhhh.benci
-with lots of love,and enjoy your new year/valentine's day people,peace out-

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