Friday, May 24, 2013

short update

Hello again there.Ye,I  have noticed that I have gone m.i.a from this blog for like a month now...Well,I have a perfect valid reason here: I am currently battling the war with my final exam.. Have a final paper on the 29th and then I am unofficially done with my law degree!

How did all the paper go so far? I have seriously no idea,i mean for some papers i could answer them and for some,i am not so sure.I think I may have screwed up my IP paper.UOL has this opposite effect where you think you would do well on that paper,it will turn out to be your worse one and vice versa =.= So,am not putting any expectations,just preparing myself for the worst.

Please,may the force be with me to be able to pass all my papers and at least let me get a second lower degree honours.Anything but not a third class.I dont know what I will do if I were to get that.Seriously,I dont know what I will do...

May the force also be with me to let me go through my final paper,Give me strength to be able to finish my revision and be able to do that paper.Gahhhh.I shall see you guys soon! many plans ahead after the exams which I hope will all go well successfully and hopefully some plans will be able to become reality!!

-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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