Sunday, April 21, 2013

How is one ever prepared to face death?
Never perhaps(?) ,though it is an inevitable fact.
Some never even think of it." I am is still young,death is for the sick,the old."

One never actually really knows until it hits you.

To be prepared to lose someone very dear in your life,
Knowing that you will not in your lifetime ever get to see them,hear their voice,or touch them,
It's something i feel no human being can ever get over it completely.
Even if  its a forseeable thing,something you can see happening imminently.

To face it bravely,requires a lot of courage.
Even if one does it successfully,to remain collected after the entire process,
Its something that no one person can do by themselves.

Be strong my friend.
Time heals and life will go on.It will never be an easy thing to do,but
Memories of all the happy and sad moments embedded in your mind and soul will,I believe help.

This is dedicated to a friend of mine.Take care and stay strong.

-with lots of love-

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