Friday, May 24, 2013

Perfection. I could not have asked for anything more awesome.

As many of you guys who follow me in twitter /fb wold know that I was very excited when Jo In SUng was coming to have a small fanmeet for his drama That Winter The Wind Blows.

He came on the 21st evening, luckily my paer on that day was a morning paper so I went to Paradigm Mall with Ms.Lee right fter my paper and hang out there.We queued for like 4 hours (?) to be able to be the first 50 to get free goodies and to get a good place to stand and see him.It was worth it :DDDD

When he came out,it was just so surreal.I didnt expect for him to come to Malaysia to be honest because it's quite rare for korean actors to come to malaysia to promote their dramas and what not.When he came out I just died,he is sooooooo good looking in real life.And he is a really nice person.

When he spoke,I just went crazy lah...I love his voice.Hahahahaa.And he kept making funny and cute expression that you feel he was never bored during the whole event.And he was so nice to the fans who was picked to went up stage to play games with him..There's this couple who went,and before he wanted to hug the girl,he asked the girl's boyfriend whether it was ok to do that. I was like HOW NICE CAN THIS PERSON BE?!!!!!!!!!!! And some fans who wanna take pic with him using their own phones and wanna hug him again before the leave,he just courteously obliged to it.

I was thinking to myself,where in the world would I be able to meet like a real (non-celebrity guy ) like him? It's so so so rare.

Ms.Lee and I went home that night and decided to make a card for him...We planned to go to the airport the next morning to see him as the organizer provided the info on what time his flight to singapore will be..But due to lack of sleep and both of us being a bit lazy as we woke up really early,decided to go to his hotel instead which was just at kl sentral.

And so that's what we did,to try our luck. We went to ask the hotel staffs there and was a bit worried that they wouldnt wanna tell us anything,but they were really very helpful and nice to us...When we went there,we find it funny.There were only 2 of us who was waiting for him.We were shocked as well as we thought they maybe some other fans there too!!

We waited for him for like 2 hours,and one of the hotel staff told us that they cant guarantee that he will come out using the normal way,as usually celebs who staed at their hotel will exit through a private exit but just tell us to wait and try out luck.... and so we did...

We were really really really lucky as he decided to use the normal exit that day!! When he came down,i think at first he didnt notice that we were his fans as there were only 2 of us like standing at the side stunned for 2 seconds there of not believing that he is walking past us now,and ms.lee handed out fan letter to him and he suddenly went 'oh,thank you' and he went out to sit at the like rest area for a moment...We were of course not allowed to go in there,there were the malaysians and his korean staffs there blocking the entrance,...But we went to another side,and we saw him reading our letter ON THE SPOT and nodding his head as he was reading...Not long after that,he saw us standing at the side,and held up his hand,holding the letter saying he has read it and said thank you!!!! AHhhhhh...

Not long after he got up and it was time for him to leave already...We followed behind him to his car,and he kept turning back and said bye bye to us...And when he entered the car,waved several times and finally when the car was about to drive away,he waved again to us...Ms.Lee and I just DIED i tell you,JUST DIED.We could not believe our luck!

Yes.Many of you would wanna ask me,did I then manage to take a pic with him? Sadly we did not...We were just too stunned at the moment and forgot to ask him that.I took a pic of him but not with him...But all in all,I feel very lucky to be able to meet him...And I can bravely say that,at least for that 5 mins or more,he really looked at me and knew who I was,cause there were only 2 of us there.Haahahahaa.

This is an incident that I will never forget for the rest of of my life.Never in my dreams really i would expect him to come,and to be able to meet him so close and having some private/closer interaction with him?!! I could not ask for anything more awesome than this (well a pic with him would be epic) but it;s ok....Hope I get to see him again one day and get to take a pic WITH him then when that time comes....

Feel the need to write this down as this is something that I truly wanna remember...Though its already embedded in my mind and heart,and i am still rewinding that scene over and over again,i wanna put it down in words also.=))))

-till then,with lots of love and day dreaming of jo in sung, peace out-

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