Sunday, November 11, 2012

I care,therefore I am.... an idiot (?) , I dont know

In no way am I trying to brag or portray myself as someone who have it all or is like living the 'it' life or whatsoever.I have moments where my self-esteem about my appearance is like super super low.As many of you guys may have notice in my older posts.But I try not to portray it outside so much for I hate being vulnerable.I am an optimist.Hence,I always try to look at the brighter side of things.

What I don't get about some people is that,they know what trouble they have in trying to live a new and improved life.( I think they know it consciously since they are like able to talk about it?) It's the all talk and no action that pisses me off a bit.I'm a bit of an impatient and impulsive person.And I have this concept of if you want it and have the ability to go get it,do it.If you just sit around and wait or moan about it,nothings gonna happen and at the end of the day it will be you who will be filled with regret.Let me tell you,that is the last thing you wanna sucks big time.Why? Because you can't turn back time.So once its gone,it's gone.

If you want something and you know it requires you to change,or it's something outside your comfort zone,well if its for the good,why not just try it ? Everything comes with a price.Some things requires more sacrifice.At the end of the day,you may or may not be able to realize that sometimes it's worth it.

I dont know if it's me watching too much shows,or studying too much or something but taking things with an open mind and reminding oneself to look at things from both sides,the good and back of it helps a lot.Yes,it could lead to contradiction or indecisiveness.Try not to get drown in it.Try to come up with the best solution possible.It's not easy and you may not always come to a solution.But it's a good learning process in my opinion.

It's a simple thing really.I don't really like complication nor confrontations in my life.I usually try to look at things as simple as possible.And hence,some maybe of the opinion that I lead a simple,happy life without any worries or stress or whatsoever.Its far from it at times.I just usually choose not to display it on the outside and prefer writing it down,like in this blog or tweet about it.I dont like / am not good at expressing it out verbally at times.Plus,I do prefer to keep things towards myself at times,first trying to figure out a solution.

Gahhh.I dont know.I was fueled with annoyance to write this post.A voice within me is telling me I care too much and I dont know why. Is it even considered as care? or am I just a busybody? =((((

Ok.I dont wanna give a shit somemore.Tired of it...It's a wadte of my energy.I repeat and vow that I dont wanna give a shit about it anymore.

with lots of love (?),peace out-

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