Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's been a long time again.Summary of the current life (there's really not much,but here it goes) Went to Lee Hom's concert.It rained,an interesting experience with water,highness and mud.Did not took a pic of me rocking the raincoat =(( LOVING BIG BANG'S NEW ALBUM.I need not scream any louder I think.hahahaha.Discovered and loving some new/old songs: John Dahlback-Life,Avril Lavigne's songs, Taylor Swift ft.The Civil Wars-Safe and Sound, 2ne1-Scream, Lyn-Back In Time,Mad Soul Child- Breathe and also Dear..Am about to check out Shinee's new album and also BoA's new single.=D

Watched This Means Wars after what seems like decades since I've been to the cinema.The previous movie before that was New Year's Eve.(yes.I lead a kinda sad life at times). Addicted to Running Man.Finishing the Moon Embracing the Sun.Waiting patiently for The Vow movie to be out and hence another chance to stuff myself with popcorns!! *evil laughs* Got a postcard from Ms.Sweet <3 Won myself a bag which I totally forgot I entered the contest.Obsession with blogs,daydreaming about shoes,bags and what not also continues where I have the time.

The stress and fear for exams takes up my daily thoughts/energy and what not.As a result-I tend to crave for all fat,junk not the healthiest food out there.Face/skin complexion is a horror story.Short term memory loss from time to time occurs.And  also moments being moody/impatient/heartless/emo occurs. 

That's more or less it.How's your life doing people? Good I hope.=)

p/s: The weather is killing me these days.not to mention also the ktm.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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