Thursday, May 26, 2011

today's word:awesomeness

Finally,my finals are O.V.E.R. can you believe this is happening? i can't believe.everything seem to come and go so fast.It really was a relief that i am done with it.Hmm,how do i put the exam that i went through this time around? i think it was like a month or two or so that i have been starting to feel stress about it,and let me thell you the first day of the exam,i was so nervous and scared and excited at the same time and let me tell you it is NOT a good combo...i could say,i studied hard for it.Hmmm,well i get straight A's or some B's..i dont really think so.i just hope i pass all 4 subjects.that being enough.not having high expectations at all.gave it my all for the exam and am hoping for the best *fingers crossed*

The celebration after exam was AWESOME.and you know what is even more awesome after finshing.Ms.Sweet is back!!!!!!! met up with her already.that girl has change in some ways,but who wouldn't after being in a foreign country alone,and making new friends and living a new life.I think i have changed over the years i have done things that i wouldn't dream of doing.making new friends and having very very close,and awesome one too.(iknowyouloveme and iloveyoutoo.hehehehehe) have a list of things that i wanna do/achieve this holiday.Not gonna say it here,for i fear that i will not go on to do it and you guys will think that i am all talk and not taking any action at all.hehehe.

Ok.back to Ms.Sweet.we talk and talk and talk a is just pure awesomeness.hahahahahaa.i think i am very very happy.and i love the stuff that she gave me.didn't expect it at all.<3 need to plan to go to somewhere.a definite must!!!!ahhh,this is an awesome holiday..pure happiness.=DDDDD
current songs addiction are:

Big bang's 4th mini album(yes,i am still not bored of it =p)
Big Bang-Ora yeah (T.O.P 's part in the beginning is just LOVE)
Chris Brown-Oh My Love
The Cataracs ft.Dev-Top of the World
Natalia Kills-Wonderland
C.N. Blue's album
Park Bom-Don't Cry
One Public-Good Life
LMFAO-Part Rock Anthem
Breanne Duren-Daydream
Britney Spears/Jimmy Wong's cover-Till the world ends
David Guetta ft Rihanna-Who's that chick.
ooh ooh and i just discovered this korean band call Nell.and they are awesomeeeeeee =)))
Jang Woo Hyuk's new album.

i think that's about all the songs that i could think of for still waiting for big bang&2ne1 news about coming to malaysialah.ishhh.i really hope the do come.i shall die of happiness after meeting them.on the other hand,MTV WORLD STAGE 2011 is back again.this time at i-city shah alam.didnt expect it to be there.thought it would be at sunway far,the confirming acts are 30 seconds to mars and pop shuvit.i am hoping(like really hoping) they are bringing some awesome acts because i wanna go again this year.shall try my hardest to win some tickets.hahahahahaaha.ooh oh,Jang Keun Suk is coming on the 4th of June but i didn't manage to win any tickets.oh well another time i guess.

I feel that i really need to go to korea one i feel that once i go there,i'll never wanna come back.XD
ok..i guess that's all for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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