Friday, March 25, 2011

ok.i have concluded that i am a fan of : (in random order and this list is not exhaustive)
nail polish(especially dark colors/some nice pastel color =DD)
story books
bracelets & earrings
shoes (more to sneakers and ballet shoes)
baju which have nice prints/words on it.or simply just plain coloured ones
BIG BANG.dont think i need to put any more emphasis on this. =p
fashion blogs =D
last but not least,food.delicious food.muahahahaha
mq was posting some pics of big bang yesterday that made me so high and happy..hhahaaha.that i start to google image them,esp.g.dragon.and,actually,though i think some of you know this,the wallpaper of my phone is him.*blushes*ok.i know you'll be thinking,''aiyo,this girl memang crazy about them'' but i can't help it and one reason is that i dont like to take pictures of myself.(zi pai in mandarin) and i dont like starring at my face in my phone,so i put the pics that i like to see or will feel happy when i see it.or change it according to my mood. =P here are some pics that i put.heh heh heh.

ok.they are some pics which are not in my comp.but in my phone.but,how can one not feel happy when the wallpaper of your phone are the HOT guys above??? tell me.
 -with lots of love and hotness,peace out-

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