Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello people.i think it's been almost one and a half month or more since i update my blog.i blame myself as i was to lazy to login here.hahahahhaa.ok.shall sum up what i have been up to lately.Lectures have officially ended except for CLR (i think) and revision classes are on now.And it is TIRING AND STRESSFUL i tell you.*cries a river* haih.what to do? for the sake of my exams,shall have to endure it.have started revising also.though these 2 days i keep delaying my work.=( on the bright side,i have finished my CLR assigment ,just waiting for ms.nalina to check my work.ish.she stil havent reply me yet and april will be here real soon.grrrrr.

Went to Jay Chou's concert a few weeks back and it was first concert of him.i regretted that i didnt went to his previous one,as he performed more songs that i like in his previous concert.he is amazing.though at times i can't really understand what he is singing.And HE HAS LYRICS RIGHT IN FRONT OF at those walls/tiang where the fans sit.Of a number of concert that i have been,this is my first time seeing this,and this amuses me a tak sangka.=p

Super Junior came and i didnt go this year,as none of my friends went.agak sedih that i didnt go.tried to win the tickets but luck was not by my side.but there's always another time,so................MGMT will be playing in KL today.will kill to hear Kids and Electric Feel live.oh well.maybe one day I'm so looking forward to Big Bang.that i can't wait.their new album is LOVE..full of HOTNESS.and another great news is that THEY'LL BE BACK WITH ANOTHER NEW ALBUM IN APRIL.muahahahahahahhahyou are so gonna see me go crazy in beware. XD

Loving TVXQ's new song Before You is so hot...that i'm addicted.also current addiction are:
Black Eyed peas-Just Can't Get Enough
Big Bang & G.D & TOP's album.(yes i am still not getting tired of it)
Rihanna ft Drake-What's My name
Andra-Ova there 7 white swans 
Big Bang-Lollipop 2 (love g.d's part) 

that's all i could think of so far.Se7en will be coming for the Asian Music Festival and i want to see him but not the other acts,sadly,i dont think i'll be going.ooh oh,i finally found the movie that i wanted to watch since last year,in youtube,called Finding Mr.Destiny starring Gong Yoo.he is hot and cute.=p also have finally watch the movie called Boat.wanted to watch it after hearing the song from K.Will called A Droplet in a that song.and the movie was not disappointing as well.though i dont really like the ending.=( have yet to watch Beastly.think i have to resort to dl-ing it i guess.haihhh...

Went out with Ms.lee last tues and we saw this really hot guy in pavilion that it made my day..menyesal i didnt buy  a baju but will be going to pavilion/midvalley next Friday to also celebrate my b',i shall beli that baju =DDDDD hmm,i guess that's about it for now.till then
                                              -with lots of love,peace out-

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