Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i'll forgive but not forget

I may look like i'm not the type that gets angry,but i actually do,though there's not much things that can piss me off.Why? cos over the years i have come to the point in that,whenever i'm annoyed at someone,i tell myself,why waste my energy at that person? totally not worth it.So,if i'm angry at someone,in about an hour or so i'm ok with it already.but note that once i dont like you/am angry about you,a LOT of people will know.that i can assure's my way to vent out my anger.the longest i have been angry was probably like 1/2 weeks,that was because of the prefect incident in my school during form 4.A song that kept playing in my mind at that time was Christina Aguilera-Fighter.i somehow feel that the song comforts me.

That incident left a big impact in my life.knew that the world is cruel,didnt know it applies when i was just a school student as well.oh well.that helped me to grow up,i would in a twisted way like to thank those people.i forgive them,but i'll never me whatever you want,i just can't.and this would probably apply for the rest of my life.
-till then,peace out-

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