Wednesday, January 12, 2011


did you notice that there's no note when i gave you the present? one reason i cause i forgot and so i decided to write it here.

Dear Mei Wee,
It's your birthday today.Happy Birthday..2 decades have fast right? hahaha.Hope you like your present.Wanted to get you a snow globe as how you wrote it in your blog.But i couldnt find an identical one or a nice one..=( so..i got you the charm bracelet.i chose the charm myself,hope you like it..from the pic below,the boat punya anchor (i think that's what you called it.) i like it..and feels its nice.that's why i chose it.the sheep is actually your star sign:capricorn,the word 'W' is your name..wee..wanted to put 'M' as well.but tak ada.sedih betul.ishh.the flower charm-may your beauty and intelligence continue to blossom.the numbers 1 and 3 is your birth date :D the lion,i actually chose it chose you are always fierce( in a good way) and may you always be brave.rawrrrrr !! didnt know that it was actually a leo ignore it.XD oh ya.the last one is a ring.never had one before right? so i chose that for you.hahahaha.. it kinda is one in a million bracelet,cos its specially for you...just came out with the plan to surprise you.since its kinda hard to arrange a time to meet up.(budak popular ni.ishh)haha.hope you were surprised.May you have lots of happiness,love,better health and get all the things you want this know i'll always love you..much love from sweet also.... enjoy your day and go crazy.muahahaha
-with lots of love-

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