Monday, May 10, 2010

Lately,the stress levels that everyone is having i think is like to the very max,and so have I.Well,it's the exams,so........................
A lot songs (which is HOTNESS) are release lately,so,at least i have some things to keep me sane..=] Heard this quote from CSI:NY today and i love it somehow.Need to find a place to write about it right??? hehehe
Seduce with your brain and smile with your eyes people *winks * *winks*
Loving the song from :
brown eyes girls(jea and miryo)-love is
Gummy's whole album -Loveless
Lee Hyori
Snsd-Run devils run(somehow)
F(x)-Nu Abo.
Omarion feat Lil Wayne-get it in
Super Junior is back.~wheee~
Cant wait for 2ne1 and Big Bang.ooh and Se7en.ooh,not forgetting BoA and wonder girls are coming back's been such a long time.=DDDDD
Ok,gonna prepared myself to go on a war now
P/s: is it worth it or is it not ? hmmmmm
                                                                                                                      -with lots of love,peace out -

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