Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kegeraman membara

let me start with news that makes me happy first.Hmm.DJ tukutz of epik high is now married to his gf of 10 years.though its kinda sad that there goes another hot guy(for me) taken,but,i'm kinda happy for him?? haha.and he's in the army now.And tae yang just released his new song,where u at.Wooots.It is HOTNESS.Lyle Beniga and Shaun everisto is in it.And it was HOT..he's sooo lucky to have both of them dance for him.Seriously,shaun and lyle are exam was this week,Law paper 1 and 2.Paper 1 was ok,as i have enough time and everything to do.
But paper 2,which is today,haih,so geram.the ans was supposed to be about criminal courts and i wrote about civil justice system.Arghhhhhh,there goes my 10 marks.and i dont even know whether i answered correctly or not for the other two ques.haih,dont know i should feel geram or sad.And as usual,every year,when we are sitting for our MAJOR exams,the exam ques and format or stuff will always be different from the previous ones.Everyone was kinda expecting criminal process or maybe ADR to come out,suddenly,DL and JP came out.both topics which had came out in paper 1,which is usually unlikely to come out in paper 2,came out in paper 2.there you go.haihhhh.......i shall go and watch some sad movies for now...and this sunday i have econs class from 10 am,it will be so tiring on that day....oh and another good news,see wei is going to prom~wheee~ it is gonna be so much more fun now that she's going.i kinda feel that it may be boring without her?? hmm,i dont know.anyways,that all for now i guess.i havent been really talking to sweet and meow.all busy lately.You know i miss you guys.=[ all the best to meow for her final exam.rock on !! hahaha
with lots of love,peace out-

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