Monday, July 20, 2009

hmmm,i skipped my pengajian malaysia class today,hehe cos it was sooo boring as the presentation thingie was still going on.Plus,in the class,i would probably be day dreaming more than listening to those involved in their presentation.besides,i feel my time is a bit wasted.I can have more zzz and also watch my show ^^ not forgetting though,of course i will revise my studies.heh heh.

super junior just finished their concert in korea.haizz,this makes me wanna go and see them live in concert more after seeing some clips in youtube.damn.However,i'm not sure whether they are coming here or not.i think most probably no? since malaysia is always left out anyways.=.= it's a sad sad situation.Well,moving on,just discovered that mtv world stage is coming to malaysia!The All American Rejects is COMING!! And again,i wished to be there,it will be in august,will probably faint if i hear them sing it ends tonight all time fav song..*sobs*

House is airing tonight.cant wait for this ep.Kutner( i think this is how it's spelled) will kill himself for god knows will be interesting.Oh ya and also,celebrated mama's birthday's in the afternoon.mum bought carrot cake from secret recipe for her.didnt really like the cake though.(it has raisin).that's all for now
P/S : is currently having family outing marathon.=]

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