Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Choices.Decisions.Let's Do This

It's finally started.I was calculating how long I have been commuting by the ktm to college.It's been 3years.Even my brain salutes myself for being to endure it.Time flies so fast.I see myself grow fatter,thinner,self-confidence being low from time to time about my face,the way I dress and the stuffs that I like and the way I look at things.

This it it.I can't believe I have reach the stage where I'm in my final year.Regrets about not working hard always happens after you got your results.But I know that I have no one else to blame but myself.Having not expecting to get high grades before the results are out helps a lot (for me) but then when you start hearing how well your peers do,the competitive/kiasu side of me gets the feeling of 'tak mahu kalah'.I used to try and not compare myself so much with others at times,but I'm only human and I can't help it.Not only in terms of grades,but in other stuffs as well.And then a voice inside of me tells me that I shouldn't that we're all different.

I dont want have to feel what regret and 'what ifs' again this time around.I can do this.I can endure this.I have the mental capacity and energy (hopefully enough of them) to do this.I am a believer of the words,'If you want something and have the ability to do it then go get it'.However,to want something at times requires sacrifice.You can't see it at times,it maybe in another form.It makes sense though as one can't have everything and not give up something in return.It wouldn't be fair if it

Classes have start.I'm in conflict as to which subject I want to take.Some said this is hard,that is easier,and then you hear opposite opinions on that.Lecturers is another influencing factor to me also.Hopefully by end of this week I can come up with a conclusive opinion.CJA fighting!!!

-with lots of love,peace out-

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